Miss Singapore World 2017 results: Bhaama Padmanathan crowns Laanya Ezra Asogan at Singapore Polo Club

  • beauty pageant: Miss Singapore World
  • edition: 45th
  • date: October 2, 2017
  • venue: 80 Mount Pleasant Road, Singapore Polo Club, Singapore
  • number of candidates: 10


  1. Alyssa Pyf
  2. Bavani Ganesan
  3. Chan Qianyi
  4. Hannah Sofea
  5. Jesvinder Kaur
  6. Laanya Ezra Asogan
  7. Niroshini Nixit 
  8. Rika Vanisha
  9. Sharenya Devarajan
  10. Shree Vijayandran



4th princessHannah Sofea
3rd princessChan Qianyi
2nd princessShree Vijayandran
1st princessNiroshini Nixit
MISS SINGAPORE WORLDBhaama PadmanathanLaanya Ezra Asogan

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