Lee Min Ho starrer ‘Mysterious Fighter Project B’ confirmed

“Mysterious Fighter Project A,” an action comedy film starring South Korean superstar Lee Min Ho, has yet to be released. But its sequel has already been confirmed by SWEN Group International, a full service independent entertainment group of companies.

Titled “Mysterious Fighter Project B,” the “Mysterious Fighter Project A” sequel is going to happen, SWEN Group International has confirmed that. The sequel is a co-venture between SWEN Group and Fame Universal Entertainment, according to Variety.

Based in Miami, Florida, SWEN Group International provides distribution, production, licensing, marketing, live events and film financing services throughout Latin America and the United States.  On the other hand, Fame Universal Entertainment is a Hong Kong-based company that produces movies and manages talents.

The recent movie produced by Fame Universal Entertainment is “The Bittersweet” starring Lee, Zhu Xuan and Yu Kai Lei. Lu Yi Jing has a special appearance in the Mandarin drama thriller film.

SWEN Group International has acquired “The Bittersweet” with Fame Universal Entertainment tasked to handle sales, according to Maverick Eye. The film has an international team including Australian cinematographer Wade Muller and Taiwanese production designer Chen Po Jen.

Muller is also part of “Mysterious Fighter Project B.” Filming of the sequel will start in the first quarter of 2018 in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Since Nov. 1, Wednesday, “The Bittersweet” has been available on Netflix in Mandarin. It features seven dubbed language versions and 22 subtitled options and 7.

In January 2018, “Mysterious Fighter Project A” will be released in Hong Kong and other Asian countries. The story of the movie revolves around Lee’s character, a Chinese-South Korean introvert living in a small village in China.

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