Eduard Folayang vs Martin Nguyen: Who’s Aung La N Sang rooting for?

Aung La N Sang, Conan Altatis

Aung La N Sang, Conan Altatis

Fresh from defeating Alain Ngalani at “ONE: Hero’s Dream” on Nov. 3 in Myanmar, Aung La N Sang is currently in the Philippines. The reigning ONE middleweight world champion is one of the guests at “ONE: Legends of the World,” which will be headlined by Eduard Folayang and Martin Nguyen.

Nguyen, the reigning ONE featherweight world champion, will try to steal Folayang’s title as ONE lightweight world champion. I asked Aung who he was rooting for during the press conference for “ONE: Legends of the World” at City of Dreams Manila in Parañaque, Metro Manila, on Nov. 7, Tuesday.

“They’re both my friends,” Aung said of Folayang and Nguyen. However, the reigning ONE middleweight world champion did make a pick between the “ONE: Legends of the World” headliners.

Just because of the weight class, it is likely that Folayang will win the fight against Nguyen, according to Aung. Still, the Burmese fighter clarified that he is flexible and neutral.

I then asked Aung to give advice to young people who want to become an MMA fighter like him. He said, “It’s a hard road. You don’t get paid for a long time. Do it because you love it. Don’t do it just because you want to be cool.”

In MMA, some days are up, and some are down, Aung pointed out. He emphasized that there are a lot of downs in the combat sport, which is something fighters need to understand.

“It takes years to be successful in MMA,” Aung continued. “It needs a lot of hard work. So if you’re not willing to putting in that work, do something else as they say. You have to really love martials arts. You have to really love competing in MMA. You have to really love your mind.”

Watch my interview with Aung here:

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