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‘Wildflower’ star Sunshine Cruz answers netizen claiming she should thank Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz does not always respond to comments by netizens online. But when the comment hits below the belt, the “Wildflower” star does not hesitate to reply and set the record straight.

On Nov. 30, Thursday, ABS-CBN took to Facebook to share an article about an interview with Cruz on the ANC show “Headstart.” One of the things discussed during the interview was her previous marriage with Montano, which lasted from 2000 to 2013.

“I know that I did everything to save the marriage,” Cruz said. “It took me 13 years to save it, but na-realize kong talagang walang pupuntahan (I realized that it was going nowhere) and we are both miserable already, so I guess it’s time to move on.”

In the comment section of ABS-CBN’s post, a netizen going by the name Ricardo Lorea noted that Cruz should still be thankful to Montano “for bailing her out.” The netizen added, “Before their marriage, Cesar paid millions to a movie producer to stop the film from being shown to the public. Allegedly, there was a BJ session in it.”

To clear things out, Cruz called out the netizen. She started by saying she does not usually reply to silly comments but she was surprised by the netizen’s love for gossip and gullibility believing rumors that are trying to make her former husband appear like the hero in the story.

“Lalake ka ba o sadyang mapagawa ng kwento?” (Are you a real man or are you simply a gossip monger?) Cruz asked the netizen. “To set this straight, ‘Dukot Queen’ is an unfinished movie directed by Tikoy Aguiluz. It was never bought by my ex-husband. It was a supposed sexy movie that I did not finish because my parents couldn’t anymore accept the fact that I am doing sexy/bold films back then.”

Cruz further explained that unedited love scenes from “Dukot Queen”were unfortunately stolen from Viva Films and spread as pirated DVDs. She added that Montano knew about the movie even before they got married and she met him the moment she decided to join the sexy bandwagon.

“I hope this clears everything,” Cruz ended. “Hindi ko po siya kailangan pasalamatan. Siya po ay dapat hiwalayan sa rason na ako at ang mga anak ko ang nakakaalam.” (I don’t need to thank him. Breaking up with him was the right thing to do for a reason that only I and my daughters know.)

On “Wildflower,” Cruz plays Camia Cruz, the mother of the lead character, Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador). The ABS-CBN series also stars Aiko Melendez, Tirso Cruz III, Joseph Marco, Vin Abrenica, RK Bagatsing, Wendell Ramos, Christian Vasquez, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Roxanne Barcelo, Yen Santos, Nina Ricci Alagao, Arnold Reyes, Sheila Valderrama, Bobby Andrews, Dawn Chang and Jeffrey Santos.

Meanwhile, here is an interview I had with Cruz when right after she signed with ALV Talent Circuit:

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