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Mister Ocean-Belarus 2017 Seniuts Igor: Chinese culture is one of the greatest cultures in the world

Seniuts Igor (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Seniuts Igor (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Seniuts Igor was recently in Kaoshiung, Taiwan to represent his home country Belarus at the inaugural Mister Ocean 2017. It was his first competition and one of his biggest takeaways from the experience is the knowledge on Chinese culture that he gained from it.

“I think Chinese culture is one of the greatest cultures in the world,” Igor said in a statement exclusively obtained by Conan Daily. He said he loves Chinese history, culture, buildings and traditional clothes.

It was Igor’s first time to be in Taiwan and he loved the climate of the island as the weather is warm and sunny all the time. He also liked the beautiful views in the mountains of the East Asian state.

“I tried a lot of different and delicious food in Taiwan,” Igor said. “People in Taiwan also are very friendly and positive.”

Everything was new to Igor during the Mister Ocean 2017 but he got a lot of great experience during the pageant. His main purpose in the competition was to meet new international friends.

“It was very important for me to make new friends from different countries, to learn more about their countries, their cultures, their habits and traditions,” Igor shared. “We talked about everything, about politics, economics, history, life, relationship between people, people’s behavior and thinks, psychology, habits, traditions and other things. It was very interesting for me to exchange my life experience with other contestants.”

The Mister Ocean 2017 candidates obtained much useful information from each other, according to Igor. When asked who among his fellow candidates he felt closest to, he did not specify a name. Instead, he gave compliments to his new international friends.

“I can say that all contestants were special and with own personal and individual character,” Igor said of his fellow Mister Ocean 2017 candidates. “I made friendship with everyone. I talked with everyone about life and other topics. All guys were perfect. And it was my pleasure to know them.”

Aside from the information about Chinese culture, the most important lesson the Belarusian representative at Mister Ocean 2017 learned is that that all people in the world are “very similar.” He explained that people have different skin colors and live in different parts of the world but they have the same thinking, dreams, wishes, habits, characters and life situations.

The only one difference Igor found was language. For him, it is great that as an international language, English can be used by people from different countries to communicate and understand each other.

At Mister Ocean 2017, Igor made it to the semi-finals and won the Best Body award. Despite not bringing home the title, he said he will always have great memories about Taiwan.

Ayoola Femi-Ogun Olatunde, Seniuts Igor, Geany-Daniel Zamfir (Facebook/Seniuts Igor)

Ayoola Femi-Ogun Olatunde, Seniuts Igor, Geany-Daniel Zamfir (Facebook/Seniuts Igor)

“I want to say a lot of thanks to our organizers for this possibility to visit Taiwan and to take part in this great world’s pageant,” Igor ended. “I have got a lot of bright experience and impressions in Taiwan.”

It was Ermin Poturak of Bosnia and Herzegovina who was crowned Mister Ocean 2017 on Nov. 24. The respective first, second, third and fourth runners-up were Marko Rogac of Montenegro, Ryo Arizumi of Japan, Geany-Daniel Zamfir of Romania and Ronald Freddy Mayorga Peixoto of Peru.


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