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Mister Ocean-Spain 2017 Antonio Perez Vargas: I enjoyed like a little child

Antonio Perez Vargas (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

Antonio Perez Vargas (Facebook/Mister Ocean)

When a child enjoys an experience, the joy is unadulterated and unforgettable. This is comparable to the experience of Antonio Perez Vargas when he represented his home country Spain at the Mister Ocean 2017 competition.

“I was charmed by every step that we took,” Vargas said in a statement exclusively obtained by Conan Daily, which was edited for clarity. “We also had many tough times because we had not much rest. On the other hand, I enjoyed like a little child while sharing the experience with other men from different countries.”

Vargas added that he enjoyed when his companions told him that he was brilliant although his level of English proficiency was not sufficient. He emphasized that he had a great satisfaction representing his country in Mister Ocean 2017 and it was his first international trip so he seized the opportunity to learn new culture and traditions.

“I have a good memory of each of the Mister Ocean 2017 candidates,” Vargas stated. “Most importantly, I am very grateful for the group of Latin boys who were always there for me when I was feeling down.”

In a short period of time, according to Vargas, he and his fellow Latino Mister Ocean 2017 candidates built a friendship that they will maintain for a lifetime. It is his goal to travel to their countries someday so they could share new moments.

For Vargas, he and his new friends spent only 15 days during the Mister Ocean 2017 competition but they became real brothers. Among all the candidates, the representative of Spain said he was closest to Mister Paraguay Jose Felix Morilla.

“I could never forget the moments I enjoyed meals with my companions,” Vargas recalled. Among the companions he enumerated were Mister Ecuador Adonis Cantante, Mister Colombia Juan Camilo Uruena Castellanos, Mister Peru Ronald Freddy Mayorga Peixoto, Mister Argentina Javier Palermo, Mister Mexico Fernando Kolbeckc, Mister Dominican Republic Argenis Grullón, Mister Venezuela Francisco Antonio Gil Riera, Mister Honduras Gustavo Paiz Casasola, Mister Brazil Igor Costa Alves, Mister Costa Rica Daniel Antonio Alfaro Barrantes, Mister San Marino Giovanni Bonanno and Mister Malaysia Christopher Yun Lin Lee.

“They are very important to me,” Vargas said of his new friends. He said these new friends gave him important memories that made his good life even better.

At Mister Ocean 2017, Vargas was not able to make it to the semi-finals. However, he won one special award, which was Best Tuxedo first runner-up.

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