Why ‘Contessa’ star Glaiza de Castro enjoys martial arts

Glaiza de Castro (Facebook/Glaiza de Castro)

Glaiza de Castro (Facebook/Glaiza de Castro)

Born Glaiza Castro Galura, Glaiza de Castro is one of the top leading ladies on the small screen in the Philippines today. When she is not busy with her schedule as an actress and a singer, she is very likely to be in the gym training with her brother Alchris Galura, who is also an actor.

On January 12, 2018, I was invited to attend the dedication ceremony of Brawler’s Lab, a gym in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila. The gym is owned by its head coach Gabay Forlales, the trainer of Glaiza and Alchris, who were both present during the event.

I took the opportunity to interview Glaiza about her interest in martial arts. According to the actress, it was her brother who first got into training under the tutelage of Forlales.

Glaiza said she was inspired by her brother’s enthusiasm in martial arts. This led her to training also with Forlales at Brawler’s Lab.

For Glaiza, martial arts is a form of discipline that requires commitment. She stated that those who aim to grow and improve themselves not only physically but mentally and spiritually can achieve it through martial arts.

Martial arts is difficult and it requires dedication, Glaiza is very much aware of this. In fact, she even welcomes the pain she gets from her training and prefers to have battle scars than not having any marks because they validate the training she is undergoing.

When it comes to martial arts, you do not have to force yourself, Glaiza pointed out. It has to be something that you enjoy, she said.

The “Encatadia” alum is inviting her supporters to try martial arts and find out why she is enjoying it. Those who want to see her again on the small screen should watch “Contessa” on GMA Network starting March 19, 2018 replacing “Ika-6 Na Utos.”

Watch my full interview with Glaiza here:

For those who are interested in martial arts training, please contact Gabay Forlales or Brawler’s Lab.

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  1. I like the simplicity & authenticity of the write up. It does not seem pretend or intimidate.
    Articles like this, often feel demanding especially towards the end; making them hard to finish. But the way it was written, it feels like the whole content is in bite-sized. So I really enjoyed it. Kudos to the writer!

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