Do more of what you love with Globe Postpaid ThePLAN PLUS and up to 2x more data


Over the past few years, consumer behavior has quickly become more digital. To keep up with the evolving of this growing market, Globe once again highlights its portfolio of postpaid plans featuring ThePLAN PLUS, that offers up to two times larger than life data.

“Since the dawn of this digital era, the way we live our daily lives has never been the same,” Globe Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Mobile Marketing Issa Cabreira stated. “Communication, entertainment, travel, shopping, and banking has become more efficient and enjoyable. Even traffic has become more bearable as we get to listen to music and watch videos.”

“Because of this, we get more time to experience the things in life we value the most,” Cabreira added. “Shifting to ThePLAN PLUS and rightsizing their data usage allows users to live a fully digital lifestyle and do more of what they love.”

With ThePLAN PLUS, all customers have to do is bring their own smartphone and get as much as 42GB of data for more time online. It also goes with 10 GB GoWATCH for videos.

With access to premium entertainment like Netflix and Spotify Premium, their favorite movies, shows, and music are within easy reach. Plus, they can customize and build their plan based on their needs from a variety of plans ranging from 599 pesos to 2,999 pesos, all with a lock-up period of only 6 months.

To learn more about ThePLAN PLUS, visit or call (02) 730-1300. Follow us on Facebook or visit the Globe website at


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