‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 6 contestants

On April 20, 2018, Thai-American  supermodel and beauty queen Cindy Bishop, 39, confirmed that she will reprise her role as the host of “Asia’s Next Top Model” Cycle 6. The new cycle of the modelling competition will be filmed in Thailand.

“Asia’s Next Top Model” Cycle 6 will premiere on August 22, 2018 on Fox Life. Here are the 14 contestants:

  1. Jachin Manere, 21, Philippines
  2. Jesslyn Lim, 26, Indonesia
  3. Iko Bustomi, 22, Indonesia
  4. Adela-Mae Marshall, 20, Philippines
  5. Rubini Sambanthan, 26, Malaysia
  6. Pim Bubear, 23, Thailand
  7. Dana Slosar, 24, Thailand
  8. Yi Han Si, 18, Singapore
  9. Hody Yim, 24, Hong Kong
  10. Nguyen Thanh Vy, 23, Vietnam
  11. Sharnie Fenn, 20, Japan
  12. Mia Sabathy, 24, Taiwan
  13. Beauty, 23, Myanmar
  14. Mena Saethiao, 21, Myanmar

The winner of “Asia’s Next Top Model” Cycle 5 was Maureen Wroblewitz, 20, of the Philippines . Minh Tu Nguyen of Vietnam and Shikin Gomez of Malaysia were the respective first and second runners-up.

Indonesian-Australian model Nadya Hutagalung, 43, hosted the first and second cycles of “Asia’s Next Top Model.” Filipino-British model Georgina Wilson, 32, hosted the third one.

Bishop has been hosting the show since its fourth season. Joining her as the main judges and mentors in the sixth season is former “America’s Next Top Model” photo shoot creative consultant Yu Tsai.

Here is Bishop talking about authenticity in modelling:

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