Dr. Marshall Goldsmith: 3 minutes daily is all you need to change your life

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, a best-selling author and the world’s top leadership thinker and executive coach, said that it is okay to ask for help from others. Even the world’s top leadership coach admits he needs a helping hand to navigate through life and the decisions he has to make.

While most people veer away from asking for help, Goldsmith actually urges everyone to get over the idea of being able to do everything alone. He said, “I do this exercise daily with a peer coach.”

“I have someone call me to listen to me ask myself questions I wrote and provide the answers I wrote every day,” Goldsmith in a podcast with EntreLeadership. “Why I do this? I’m Marshall Goldsmith and I’m too cowardly to do this by myself.”

Dubbed as the Daily Question Process, it requires an individual to ask themselves a series of questions every day. The 3-minute exercise can help people change their lives for the better when done regularly.

While the skepticism is expected, Goldsmith said that most people usually quit the exercise after two weeks not because they failed but because it has already impacted them. The leadership coach adds that once there is an admission for the need for help, life gets better.

“I’m too undisciplined,” Goldsmith pointed out. “I need help and that’s okay. I know how difficult it is to go.”

The Daily Question Process requires the individual to write several questions on a spreadsheet, with each question representing a behavior that is important yet often easy to neglect. The questions usually begin with “did I do my best to…” and must be answerable with a yes or no.

The process helps the individual to confront how they actually live out their values every day. The mere process of writing the questions allows for introspection on what really matters to them.

Hailed by Harvard Business Review as the world’s number one leadership thinker, Goldsmith has had more than 40 years of successfully coaching CEOs from many of the world’s most renowned organizations such as Ford, Pfizer, GSK, World Bank, Toyota, Goldman Sachs & Co. He is also an author of numerous number one bestsellers with the latest book “Triggers” as number one New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Goldsmith will headline a two-city CEO, HR and Senior Leaders conference in Asia in October 2018. Manila, Philippines will be his last stop on October 26, 2018.

The leadership conference is organized by ITD, the global leadership development expert. Joining Goldsmith are top coaching gun Dr. Peter Chee, and master trainer and chief coach Serely Alcaraz.

Meanwhile, here is Goldsmith explaining six questions people need to ask themselves everyday:

For more information and registration, call ITD World Philippines at +632 887 7428 or email at

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