‘Little Italy’ producers Ajay Virmani, Pauline Dhillon, Fred Fuchs

Little Italy

Starring Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts, “Little Italy” was written by Vinay Virmani and Steve Galluccio and directed by Donald Petrie. Get to know the producers of the romantic comedy movie filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada here:

Ajay Virmani – Producer

Founder of Firsttake Entertainment & President & CEO of Cargojet, Canada’s largest cargo airline. Dr. Ajay Virmani has applied the business skills that won him honours like the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and had Cargojet recognized as one of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed Companies, into the movies, with excellent effect. His first two ventures under the Firsttake banner, Breakaway and Dr. Cabbie were the highest and second-highest grossing Canadian films in Canada in the years of their release. Ajay Virmani has also produced the Academy Award nominated Water, directed by Deepa Mehta and more recently, Two Lovers and a Bear, starring Emmy award-winning actor Tatiana Maslany. Current ventures apart from Little Italy include Lions of the Sea, a historical drama based on the real life story of the voyage of the Komagata Maru.

Pauline Dhillon – Producer

A highly successful business executive with a zest and passion for filmmaking story telling, Pauline Dhillon has played a key role in Firsttake Entertainment’s success. Pauline was the Producer of the Canadian hit Breakaway and followed it up as Producer of the very successful social comedy Dr. Cabbie. She is actively involved in the creative development of both Firsttake Entertainment’s upcoming projects – Little Italy and Lions of the Sea.

Fred Fuchs – Executive Producer

Fred Fuchs is an independent Film & Television Producer and media consultant with strong ties to US, Canadian and European networks. Fuchs began his career as a producer in LA working on award-winning television series for SHOWTIME and HBO.  He then segued into the feature films, becoming President of American Zoetrope Studios (Francis Coppola’s company) – where he was Executive Producer of 17 features including The Godfather III, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Don Juan DeMarco, and John Grisham’s The Rainmaker. Fuchs also started their TV division and produced miniseries like The Odyssey, Titanic and several TV movies. In Toronto, Fuchs was Executive Director at the CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, for four years. He was responsible for developing, commissioning and supervising production of all scripted content for The Tudors, Little Mosque On The Prairie, The Borgias and other TV series.

Watch the trailer of “Little Italy” here:

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