‘Food Hero Asia’ winner Chef Anton Amoncio cooks with Cookie’s Peanut Butter

Chef Anton Amoncio

Chef Anton Amoncio

Chef Anton Amoncio wowed thousands of food lovers and food resellers in Puregold’s recently concluded KAINdustriya confab at World Trade Center in Pasay City. He was the very first Filipino grand winner of the “Food Hero Asia” competition of Asian Food Channel and The Food Network.

Amoncio whipped up a delicious sampling of easy-to-do and healthful recipes. The Filipino chef used Cookie’s Peanut Butter Pangluto as his main ingredient

The “Food Hero Asia” winner showed the versatility of the product as an essential ingredient in cooking everyday food for the whole family. He also prepared Asian stir beef, chicken in spicy peanut butter sauce and Cookie’s Peanut Butter crostini.

Cookie’s Peanut Butter is made of all-natural ingredients with absolutely no preservatives. It is made in the city of Binan, Laguna, Philippines, the hometown of Cookie Yatco, the man who developed its delicious recipe.

Originally, Cookie’s Peanut Butter was a homemade product that Yatco’s wife Joy Abalos-Yatco prepared in her own kitchen as a special gift to family and close friends especially during the holidays.

The brand became an instant hit among family and friends so the couple decided to distribute the product commercially in order to share it to mainstream consumers and to provide long-term jobs to a lot of people. Currently, the brand’s flagship products include Cookie’s Peanut Butter, Cookie’s Cashew Butter, Cookie’s Peanut Butter Pangluto, Mani Ni Cookie and Kasuy Ni Cookie.

Meanwhile, here is a vlog featuring Amoncio’s first travel to Rome, Italy:

For exciting news and updates on Cookie’s Peanut Butter and scrumptious other recipes by Chef Anton, follow @cookies_PB on Twitter, @Cookies_ph on Instagram, and like @CookiesPeanutButter on Facebook.

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