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Why Ringstar CEO Scott Patrick Farrell is a UFC fan

Ringstar Boxing founder and CEO Scott Patrick Farrell was named the Orient Promoter of the Year at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines on November 17, 2018. In his acceptance speech, he explained why he is a fan of the American mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship although he is not a big fan of MMA.

“Look at how the UFC built MMA and I’m not even a big fan of MMA but I am a fan of the UFC and how they built their story,” Farrell said. “And I saw them and I said, ‘This is what boxing needs, good, strong fights where the belts become worthy of defending again, where they mean something to the fighters, the fans.’ We want to put on fights with a guy who is 15-0 vs another guy who is 15-0.”

“We don’t want to put on fights where we pad out records or it’s just to push one fighter forward,” the Ringstar Boxing CEO added. “We’re not about robbing the fans or the boxers.”

The UFC was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Its current president is Dana White.

Farrell founded Ringstar Boxing in 2017. The Singapore-based promotion is now Asia’s number one boxing sports media property having reached an overwhelming broadcast footprint of over a potential billion viewers across the globe and broadcast partners that include FIGHT SPORTS, ESPN TV5 Philippines, MediaCorp Okto, Astro Malaysia and FTA channel for delayed broadcast.

“Boxing is a true sport in which where you think you are and where you actually are are two different things and you can easily get found out if you’re not prepared,” Farrell said. “With my fighters they are fighting trilogies before they move on.”

“One good example is Mirage Khan and Chase Haley,” Farrell added. “I had these guys go 30 rounds against each other and they’ve both moved on and they are now much better prepared.  I know I could put each of them against a genuine top 50 fighter in the world and the odds are they are going to beat them because they are better prepared.”

“A lot of those guys in the top 50 have only got there through pure mathematics and bad matchmaking,” the Ringstar Boxing CEO continued. “This is not a new recipe. It’s what you, me and the fans have been saying for years, ‘Come on, guys. Let’s see some fights.’”

Farrell consistently makes it a point to let anyone know that he is not about simply pushing his fighters to win bogus regional titles so they can manage to get world title fights that they are not ready for.  It is all about preparing his fighters properly with real fights and solid matchmaking, a lesson he learned from observing one of the world’s hottest sports properties.

Meanwhile, here is a clip featuring Farrell:

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