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Santé Pure Barley shares 4 tips to stay healthy during holidays

Supported by Kim Atienza, Jennylyn Mercado and Karylle, Santé Pure Barley is a brand that is perfect for health-conscious people out there. With the holidays fast approaching, it recently shared four ways on how to stay healthy and fit during this time of celebrations, reunions and vacations.

1. Know your alcohol limit.

Holiday parties are all about celebration and memories but make sure you are sane enough to recall these things. Drinking moderately allows you not only to live in the moment but also to be kind to your body.

There’s no need to abuse yourself with the alcohol. Knowing when to call it a night will surely have your head filled with grateful thoughts in the morning.

2. Drink your water.

Drinking water before, during, and after a night out will help keep your body hydrated. Contrary to popular belief, urinating while out should be an honor, not a hassle.

It means that whatever toxins that might be lurking in your body are being flushed out. While hydration, in general, is important, keeping your water intake high will help your brain stay alert, wash down as much alcohol as it can and save you from that terrible hangover when you wake up.

3. Sweat it out.

Reaching the end of the year should not mean reaching the end of your exercise. Stay active as much as you can. Walk your dog, run with friends, or take your strong independent self to the gym.

It’s important to keep moving throughout the festivities. The food, drinks, and long nights may cause bloating. Your bed might tempt you to stay in the morning after but staying active can increase your energy levels.

4. Eat often but in small amounts.

Do not fill your plate to the brim in one sitting. Pacing yourself when you eat is a way to help your digestive system process the food you eat.

If you overwhelm your stomach in one go, you’ll feel bloated and your energy level will hit a scary low. Eating in smaller amounts will not only stabilize your energy but it will also control your sugar level and fatty acids in your blood. 

Since holidays are mostly the time for family and friends, being present and energized is key. Keeping your stomach filled with the right kinds of food and drinks can get tricky.

But when all else fails, Santé Pure Barley Canister can keep you healthy through the crazy celebrations. Containing vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and carotenoids, this pure organic barley grass powdered drink blended with one of nature’s most potent sweeteners Stevia and it easily dissolves in water.

Santé Pure Barley is best taken before meals. Now, you can get all the goodness that multi-nutrient, chlorophyll-rich food has to offer while indulging yourself with the foods you love this season.

Here is Atienza discussing the health benefits of Santé Pure Barley:

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