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Miss Tourism International 2018 results: Philippines’ Jannie Loudette Alipo-on crowns successor in Malaysia


  • Beauty Pageant: Miss Tourism International 2018
  • Edition: 20th
  • Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa Grand Ballroom, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Date: December 21, 2018
  • Number of contestants: 46


  • Miss Southeast Asia 2017: Kamolrut Tanon (Thailand)
  • Dreamgirl of the Year International 2017: Julia Do Vale Horta (Brazil)
  • Miss Tourism Global 2017: Diana Hills (Australia)
  • Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International 2017: Lois Merry Tangel (Indonesia)
  • Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2017: Maja Sieron (Poland)
  • Miss Tourism International 2017: Jannie Loudette Alipo-on (Philippines)




  1. Owen Yap
  2. Datin Winnie Loo
  3. Carven Ong
  4. Datuk Aznil Nawawi
  5. Amber Chia
  6. Dato Leonard Tan
  7. Tony Eusoff
  8. Wong Chui Ling
  9. Dato Dr. Jas G.

TOP 10

  1. Astari Indah Vernideani (Indonesia)
  2. Caenne Ng (Malaysia)
  3. Michelle Geraldine Vivas Lopez (Venezuela)
  4. Sandra Callahan (Australia)
  5. Adela Rezkova (Czech Republic)
  6. Sarah Chebet Pkyach (Kenya)
  7. Claudia Patricia Morato Garcia (Mexico)
  8. Laura Skutane (Latvia)
  9. Julieane Fernandez (Philippines)
  10. Yoo Ji Hyun (South Korea)


  • Miss Southeast Asia Tourism Ambassadress 2018: Caenne Ng (Malaysia)
  • Dreamgirl of the Year International 2018: Julieane Fernandez (Philippines)
  • Miss Tourism Global 2018:  Sandra Callahan (Australia)
  • Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan 2018: Laura Skutane (Latvia)
  • Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2018:  Sarah Chebet Pkyach (Kenya)
  • Miss Tourism International 2018: Astari Indah Vernideani (Indonesia)

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