‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 spoilers: Is ‘Bandersnatch’ episode 1? What’s Miley Cyrus’s role?

Black Mirror

Many “Black Mirror” fans are wondering whether or not the recently released interactive film “Bandesnatch” is the first episode of Season 5. Others are even speculating that it is the entire fifth season.

Netflix released “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” on December 28, 2018. It starred Fionn Whitehead, Will Poulter, Asim Chaudhry, Craig Parkinson, Alice Lowe, Tallulah Haddon, Laura Evelyn, Catriona Knox, Jonathan Aris, Paul Bradley, Alan Asaad, Suzanne Burden and Jeff Minter.

Upon the release of “Bandersnatch,” Netflix confirmed that it is a standalone film and not a part of “Black Mirror” Season 5. On December 29, 2018, BuzzFeed TV editor Scott Bryan took to Twitter to share what he knew.


Netflix said the same thing to several publications. In a statement sent to Ars Technica, the streaming media said, “Season five will arrive later in 2019, as previously announced.”

What Netflix did not reveal is the premiere date of “Black Mirror” Season 5. Details about the cast are yet to be announced although Miley Cyrus confirmed her special role in the show in a recent episode of Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show “The Howard Stern Show.”

“All I can say is I have a lot of dynamic and I got to play a lot of different, I play one character but there’s a lot of different sides of that character and there’s a lot of dimension to it,” Cyrus told Stern. “There’s a lot of dimension to it and actually, it was while the devastation of Malibu was happening.”

In November 2018, Cyrus went to South Africa for the filming of “Black Mirror” Season 5. At that time, wildfire devastated her house in Malibu, Los Angeles County, California, United States, which she shared with her now husband Liam Hemsworth.

“And it was a really weird learning experience for me because I was so far from home and the show is already really dark and it’s already kind of eerie when you’re there the whole time,” Cyrus added. “But I learned a lot about myself and I think I was able to kind of use that and put that into it.”

It was all that Cyrus could share about “Black Mirror” Season 5 since she has yet to receive an official permission to speak about it. On December 11, 2018, her sister Brandi Cyrus mentioned in her “Your Favorite Thing” podcast that the two of them went to Cape Town, South Africa for “Black Mirror” Season 5 filming.

Meanwhile, watch the official trailer of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” here:

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