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Sudan’s Eisa Alfake stripped of Mister United Continents 2018 title

Eisa Hider Alfake, 22, of Sudan is no longer Mister United Continents 2018. The new titleholder has yet to be announced.

“Mr. Alfake has shown misconduct at multiple occasions with the other executives of Mister United Continents Inc.,” Mister United Continents Inc. explained. “This kind of an irresponsible behavior cannot be tolerated at all. Despite several warnings, he continued to do the same thing.”

The Sudanese model is a student based in Manila, Philippines. He is studying Civil Engineering in Manuel Quezon University.

Mister United Continents did not disclose the details about Alfake’s misconduct. However, the international male pageant organization revealed that it issued him  a notice to explain in December 2018 following reports claiming that he committed acts of misconducts.

Alfake was given enough time to draft his answer and defenses but his reply neither admitted nor denied the allegations, according to Mister United Continents Inc. The organization claimed that his unacceptable behavior has affected its colleagues and corporate sponsors and has caused losses.

A special panel has been created to determine who will replace Alfake as Mister United Continents 2018. The three runners-up are all eligible to take his place as the new titleholder.

The Mister United Continents 2018 world finals was held at the J Centre Mall Convention Hall in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines on November 24, 2018. Besting 12 other finalists, Alfake was crowned as the fourth titleholder of the male beauty pageant.

Runners-up to Alfake were Mister United Continents 2018 Masculinity Zoel Ambrosino of the Netherlands, Mister United Continents 2018 Unity Phichairak Phimonmat of Thailand and Mister United Continents 2018 Creativity Pheong Chanbomey of Cambodia. Aashiq Tamrakar of Nepal was Mister Charity.

In 2015, Kamel Raad of Lebanon was crowned the first ever Mister United Continents. He crowned Mohit Singh of India as his successor in 2016.

Both Raad and Singh were crowned in Manila. Mister United Continents 2017 Nicolas Lopez Zamora of Ecuador was crowned in Pangasinan, Philippines.

Meanwhile, here is a clip featuring Ambrosino before he was crowned Mister United Continents 2018 Masculinity:


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