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Mohammed Shahid explains Brave Combat Federation’s business model

Mohammed Shahid

Mohammed Shahid

Making money is not the priority of Brave Combat Federation. What the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion is trying to do is help build a global sporting ecosystem.

“Our business model, if you ask, is very simple,” Brave CF president Shahid said in an exclusive interview in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. “We are not into the business of getting people to fund it and there’s no way in the world we will ever sell it, you know, because it doesn’t make any point. “

Currently, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is the largest MMA promotion in the world. Its parent company Zuffa was sold for $4.025 billion to a group led by William Morris Endeavor (WME–IMG) in 2016.

Brave CF is what it is today but seven years from now, people would not even care about it because the promotion would become a part of a sporting ecosystem, Shahid noted. He explained, “It’s like saying that Philippines’ football league was so big but when FIFA, UEFA and all this ecosystem came in, that league is just a piece of the world puzzle.“

“Brave will become a piece of a bigger MMA world puzzle that we are creating,” Shahid declared. He went on to explain how Brave CF is making money and where its profits come from.

“The basic sports media industry works more into television rights, digital rights, global sponsorship, (which) are the basic ones that you make money out of,” Shahid explained. “But you get global sponsorship when you give them global value and we are making faster money than  anybody else by making 7 percentage profit in the second financial year, which no other MMA promotion has done, after doing a crazy globalization platform run. It’s because we actually give global value and the global sponsors, global distribution rights, they all understood what we’re providing and what easier way to create a superstar than to take him at a global level.”

On March 15, 2019, Brave CF will make its debut in the Philippines through an event titled “Brave 22: Storm of Warriors.” Shahid enumerated three reasons why he can get more sponsors in the country because the Philippine community will sponsor the promotion more than they sponsor others.

The sponsors know that Brave CF can give more exposure to their brand internationally than anybody else, Shahid said. He added that the promotion was able to create more local stars than anybody else and the quantity and quality of celebrities it gathers in its every event is just overwhelming.

“Forget about all the things we talked about,” Shahid said. “But still, a Brave event is an extravagant festival when it happens.”

Watch my complete interview with the Brave CF president here:

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