Complete list of Conan Daily’s MMA Bravery Awards 2018 winners

Conan Daily's MMA Bravery Awards 2018

Conan Daily launched its inaugural MMA Bravery Awards in 2018. It aims to honor Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion Brave Combat Federation, which helped put the publication on the map in 2018 particularly in the MMA community.

Thousands of readers from around the world voted from January 6, 2019 to February 9, 2019. Here are the 1st Conan Daily’s MMA Bravery Awards results:


1. Favorite Brave CF Team 2018

  • GOLD: CM System MMA (Brazil)
  • Silver: Team Lakay (Philippines)
  • Bronze: Xtreme Couture Mixed Martial Arts (USA)

2. Favorite Brave CF Coach 2018

  • GOLD: Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov (KHK MMA Team)
  • Silver: Mark Sangiao (Team Lakay)
  • Bronze: John Kavanagh (Straight Blast Gym Ireland)

3. Favorite Brave CF Catchweight Bout 2018

  • GOLD: Eduardo Garvon (Brazil) vs Matias Juarez (Argentina) at “Brave 15″ 
  • Silver: Najam Khan (Pakistan) vs Mostafa Rashed Neda (Saudi Arabia) at “Brave 21″
  • Bronze: (Northern Ireland) vs Myles Price (Ireland) at “Brave 13″

4. Favorite Brave CF Host Country 2018 

  • GOLD: Brazil
  • Silver: Bahrain
  • Bronze: India


5. Favorite Female Strawweight Brave CF Fighter 2018

  • GOLD: Luana Pinheiro (Brazil)
  • Silver: Maria Ribeiro (Brazil)
  • Bronze: Elaine Leal (Brazil)

6. Favorite Male Strawweight Brave CF Fighter 2018

  • GOLD: Haider Farman (Pakistan)
  • Silver: Ariel Oliveros (Philippines)

7. Favorite Flyweight Brave CF Fighter 2018 

  • GOLD: Bruno Malfacine (Brazil)
  • Silver: Jon Chris Corton (Philippines)
  • Bronze: Velimurad Alkhasov (Russia)

8. Favorite Bantamweight Brave CF Fighter 2018

  • GOLD: Jeremy Pacatiw (Philippines)
  • Silver: Stephen Loman (Philippines)
  • Bronze: Aidan James (Wales)

9. Favorite Featherweight Brave CF Fighter 2018

  • GOLD: Godofredo Castro (Brazil)
  • Silver: Jeremy Kennedy (Canada)
  • Bronze: Ali Al Qaisi (Jordan)

10. Favorite Lightweight Brave CF Fighter 2018

  • GOLD: Farhad Hazratzada (Afghanistan)
  • Silver: Cleiton Silva (Brazil)
  • Bronze: Ricardo Tirloni (Brazil)

11. Favorite Welterweight Brave CF Fighter 2018

  • GOLD: Abdoul Abdouragimov (Russia)
  • Silver: Ottman Azaitar (Germany)
  • Bronze: Khamzat Chimaev (Sweden)

12. Favorite Middleweight Brave CF Fighter 2018

  • GOLD: Bruno Assis (Brazil)
  • Silver: Ikram Aliskerov (Russia)
  • Bronze: Tarek Suleiman (Syria)

13. Favorite Light Heavyweight Brave CF Fighter 

  • GOLD: Vincent Majid (Indonesia)
  • Silver: Klidson de Abreu (Brazil)
  • Bronze: Matt Baker (Canada)

14. Favorite Heavyweight Brave CF Fighter 2018

  • GOLD: Mandeep Singh (India)
  • Silver: Rob Beech (England)


  1. Favorite Brave CF Newcomer 2018
  • GOLD: Mehmosh Raza (Pakistan)
  • Silver: Oloan Silalahi (Indonesia)
  • Bronze: Anas Siraj Mounir (Morocco)
  1. Favorite Prolific Brave CF Fighter 2018 
  • GOLD: Rodrigo Cavalheiro (Brazil)
  • Silver: Gadzhimusa Gaziev (Russia)
  • Bronze: Hamza Kooheji (Bahrain)
  1. Favorite Undefeated Brave CF Fighter 2018 
  • GOLD: Alex Martinez (Canada)
  • Silver: Bruno Malfacine (Brazil)
  • Bronze: Mounir Lazzez (Tunisia)
  1. Favorite Brave CF Champion
  • GOLD: Klidson de Abreu (Brazil)
  • Silver: Stephen Loman (Philippines)
  • Bronze: Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady (Jordan)

Check all the Conan Daily’s MMA Bravery Awards 2018 votes here.

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