Toni Fowler vs Jon Gutierrez vs Jelai Andres

Fans of celebrity couple hip hop collective Ex Battalion member Jon Gutierrez, who is professionally known as King Badger, and FHM model Jelai Andres call them Team JoLai. The two reportedly broke up recently because of R-Breezy babe Toni Fowler.

The controversy started when blogger and rapper Mark Jayson Roger Warnakulahewa, who is professionally known as Makagago, accused Badger of cheating on his wife by meeting up with Fowler in February 2019. Watch Makagago’s accusations here:


According to Fowler, she and Badger joined a Facebook group chat in 2016. She claimed that he asked her for sexually explicit photos of herself in exchange for teaching her how to use Snapchat and he even sent her photos of his male genitalia.

Badger wanted to be in a “scripted” relationship with Fowler, she said. She added that he did not tell her about Andres at the time.

Fowler is currently in a relationship with GMA Network actor Rob Moya. Watch her clarify her involvement in the alleged split of Badger and Andres here:


Andres quickly responded to Fowler’s claims. The former has a three-minute video of the latter moaning while pleasuring herself.

According to Andres, it was Fowler who sent the video to Badger. Andres did not defend her husband and even expressed her sentiments as a betrayed wife.

Still, Andres could not believe that it was Badger who was pursuing Fowler. Watch the video of Andres calling Fowler a liar here:


In response, Fowler admitted that she is the woman in the sexually explicit video but clarified that she sent it to Badger before knowing he was in a relationship with Andres. Watch Fowler’s explanation here:


Badger apologized to his fans and followers because of the controversy. He and Andres broke up in 2016 but they reconciled and got married on October 6, 2018 at Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay in Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines.


In 2017, Badger and Andres’s love story was featured in the GMA Network drama anthology “Magpakailanman.” They were played by Jake Vargas and Julie Anne San Jose, respectively.

As Badger explained, he is currently in the United Kingdom to fix his passport and will fix the issue with his wife when he gets back in the Philippines. Before the controversy, his fellow Ex Batallion member Daryl Borja Ruiz, who is professionally known as Skusta Clee, was accused of cheating on his girlfriend Zeinab Harake.

Meanwhile, watch Ex Batallion’s “Ikaw Kase” music video here:

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