Jarrah Al-Selawe: Abdoul Abdouraguimov, be ready for your first loss

Abdoul Abdouraguimov, Jarrah Al Selawe

Representing Jordan, Jarrah “The Jordanian Lion” Al-Selawe, 26, is ready for his first title defense as the reigning Brave Combat Federation Welterweight Champion. For him to keep his belt, he has to break the undefeated professional mixed martial arts record of his challenger.

On April 19, 2019, Abdoul “Sinistro” Abdouraguimov, 23, of France will make an attempt to capture the Brave CF Championship belt from Al-Selawe. They will headline “Brave 23: Pride and Honor,” which will take place at the Martyr Rashid Al-Ziyoud Hall Boxing Arena in Amman, Jordan.

Abdouraguimov currently holds a professional MMA record of 9 wins and 0 loss. To the undefeated French-Russian MMA fighter, Al-Selawe said, “Abdoul, you are a good fighter but be ready for your first loss.”

Al-Selawe feels better prepared than Abdouraguimov overall. The Jordanian champ said, “I’m very excited because my first title defense will be in front of my crowd and on my land.”

“The audience will be ready and excited and I’ve prepared a lot for this moment,” Al-Selawe continued. “I expect the fight to end by knockout.”

“Brave 23: Pride and Honor” marks the second time Al-Selawe is competing in Brave CF in front of his countrymen. He is not especially concerned about his Abdouraguimov’s grappling credentials and as a well-rounded fighter, the Jordanian champ seems focused on his striking for his French-Russian opponent.

“It’s an MMA fight,” Al-Selawe noted. “I expect to be better than Abdoul inside the cage. I’m well-rounded and can fight in all areas and I’ll pose a threat to him everywhere.”

“When he enters the cage, I’ll touch him for the first time and show him why I’m the champion,” Al-Selawe continued. Currently, the defending champion holds the record for most wins in Brave CF with six victories while the challenger has two.

“He knows the path I’ve gone through to become the champion,” the reigning Brave CF Welterweight Champion said of Abdouraguimov. “I’ve beaten the best athletes in the Brave roster and I took the title from the champion (Carlston Harris) by knocking him out in the first round. I brought this belt to Jordan and to Jordanian MMA and, by God’s will, it will stay here for a long time.”

Here is a clip featuring Al-Selawe and Abdouraguimov:

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