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Brave CF president Mohammed Shahid: Bahrain has become huge MMA destination

Mohammed Shahid (© Brave Combat Federation)

Mohammed Shahid (© Brave Combat Federation)

Brave Combat Federation is still reaping the benefits of “Brave 23: Pride and Honor,” which featured the biggest fight card of its history with three title fights and three new world champions crowned. But Jordan has also seen how the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion can positively impact the countries it visits.

Brave CF president Mohammed Shahid agrees that the promotion turns the eyes of the world wherever it goes. In that sense, through the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the biggest beneficiary of the inception of Brave CF is Bahrain.

“We are giving attention to the places we go and the biggest example is certainly Bahrain,” Shahid stated. “It has become a huge destination for MMA fighters, fans, and the whole world knows that.”

Bahrain has become a major destination for MMA fighters and fans as well as everyone involved with the sport in any capacity. The country has also increased its profile around the world for its deep connections with the only truly global mixed martial arts promotion in the world.

“It’s just further proof of Brave’s accomplishments,” Shahid said. “We talk about the value of mixed martial arts, the value of a brand. What that brand has been able to add to the Kingdom of Bahrain is unbelievable. We go around the world and eyes turn to the places we go to. We’re in Jordan and now everyone knows where Jordan is what’s going on in Jordan.

In the past years, Brave CF partnered up with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) to host the World Amateur Championships, a trend that has seen the world of sports turn their attention firmly to Bahrain in every level. Shahid said, “The young, top talents around the world, the ones that will go on to become big things, they’re all competing against each other in Bahrain.”

“It’s the best week of my year!” the Brave CF president continued. “Fights happening all the time, courses for coaches and referees, it’s an amazing time and that shows that the sport is growing and Bahrain celebrates that. It has been so strong in the Middle East and in the world.”

Meanwhile, here is an exclusive interview with Shahid when he visited the Philippines:


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