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FurryPinas partners with Hands of God Charity Works for sponsor-a-child program



FurryPinas has announced that it has partnered with the non-government organization Hands of God Charity Works to provide their kids an opportunity to take part in FurryPinas 2019 and take home a gift pack. A donation of 200 pesos will give the child from HGCW entrance to FurryPinas 2019, FurryPinas Gift trinkets and HGCW gift pack.

“Each child deserve happiness and joy in life,” FurryPinas executive director Brian Nicole Uy said. “When each of us were kids, we had dreams we wanted to be fulfilled, (which are to) become a superhero, get the best toys you saw from a store, go out to play with your friends, wish for your awesome drawings to come true, meet your favorite cartoon characters, meet a life-sized animal character, and so many more.

Considered the biggest furry convention in Asia, FurryPinas serves as the official annual hub for the furry hobby, community and culture in the Philippines. This year, the event will be at Bayanihan Center in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines on June 8-9, 2019.

HGCW is a non-government group that believes in the value and connection of all life. It is a group of private volunteers who share their time, talent and effort to serve others and while its goal is specific, it always embodies a much larger idea to improve someone’s life. Uy said,

“We want to bring children from our charity partner, Hands of God Charity Works, to FurryPinas 2019 to enjoy, have fun and maybe even fulfill some of their dreams,” Uy said. The partnership between FurryPinas and HGCW came with the release of their official video:

For those who would like to take part in the sponsorship program, head to this link. FurryPinas accepts payments through 7-Eleven, M Lhuillier, BDO Bank Transfer/Deposit, and Coins PH. FurryPinas 2019 tickets are available here

Meanwhile, know more about the HGCW through their site or fanpage.


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