Henry Cejudo is new UFC Bantamweight Champion, beats Marlon Moraes at ‘UFC 238’ in Chicago

Henry Cejudo, Marlon Moraes

Henry Cejudo, Marlon Moraes

Fighting out of Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Henry “The Messenger” Cejudo, 32, is now simultaneously reigning in two divisions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He was one of the winners at “UFC 238” marking his ninth victory in the promotion.

Featuring 13 mixed martial arts matches, “UFC 238” took place at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, United States on June 8, 2019. In the main event of the evening, Cejudo and Marlon “Magic”Moraes, 31, of Nova Fribugo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil competed for the then vacant UFC Bantamweight Championship belt.

Marc Goddard served as the referee of the UFC Bantamweight Championship bout. In the first round, Moraes was all offense and eluded Cejudo’s takedown attempt.

In the second round, Moraes controlled the action through his kicks and Cejudo responded with punches and knees. In the second round, the Mexican-American contender almost submitted his Brazilian opponent.

Cejudo then moved to a ground-and-pound attack. Goddard intervened and stopped the contest after 4 minutes and 51 seconds in the third round when Cejudo knocked out Moraes.

Winning at “UFC 238” improved the professional MMA record of Cejudo to 15 wins and 2 losses. On the other hand, Moraes to 22 wins and 6 losses.

As the UFC Flyweight Champion, Cejudo has been reigning since August 2018. On January 19, 2019, he successfully defended his flyweight title against T.J. “The Snake” Dillashaw, 33, of Denver, Colorado, USA.

Dillashaw was reigning as the UFC Bantamweight Champion when he faced Cejudo. The former vacated the title after failing drug test in relation to his loss to the latter.

Including Brazil and the U.S., 11 countries were represented at “UFC 238.” The other countries were Australia, Bulgaria, China, England, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia and Scotland.

Born in Los Angeles, California, USA to Mexican parents on February 9, 1987, Cejudo joined the UFC in 2014. As a freestyle wrestler, he is an Olympic gold medalist.

Watch the post-fight interview with Cejudo in the UFC octagon at “UFC 238” here:

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