Eddie Garcia was declared dead on arrival, revived at Mary Johnston Hospital: Lilibeth Romero

On June 8, 2019, Eddie Garcia, 90, was declared dead on arrival (DOA) and revived at Mary Johnston Hospital in Tondo, Manila, Philippines, his longtime partner Lilibeth Romero has learned. It was the first hospital where the veteran actor was rushed to after collapsing while filming a fight scene for upcoming GMA Network series “Rosang Agimat” in Katuparan, Tondo.

“He was declared DOA at the first hospital,” Romero told the Philippine Star. “I learned that when he stumbled on a cable wire and hit his head on the pavement, he broke his spinal cord. It was the freakest of accidents that could have been prevented.”

According to Romero, Garcia was revived at Mary Johnston Hospital and moved to Makati Medical Center in Legazpi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. In the second hospital, her uncle Dr. Enrique Lagman confirmed that the actor suffered neither a heart attack nor an aneurysm.

Romero added that she was asked if she wanted to have Garcia resuscitated but she bided her time. She was not blaming anybody for the accident on the set of “Rosang Agimat” but she was saddened that nobody from GMA Network was manning the set and neither a medic nor a standby vehicle was assigned on the set.

“I was told that the accident happened on the third shoot of the same scene from another angle and they should have checked the condition of the street and if cable wires were scattered all around,” Romero revealed. “It was an accident that could have been prevented.”

The designated family spokesperson Dr. Tony Rebosa was one of Garcia’s attending physicians. He told GMA News that the actor used to be agile “but now he’s at the ICU so it’s really painful and agonizing for the family.”

Garcia was shooting a gunfight scene against goons for “Rosang Agimat” when the accident happened. Here is an actual footage of the accident:

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