What Barbie Almalbis has to say about politics

Barbie Almalbis

Barbie Almalbis

Born in Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines on August 26, 1977, singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis is married to Martin Honasan. They are both from a family of politicians.

On June 27, 2019, Almalbis launched her new extended play titled “Tigre” at 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. During the event, I asked her if she was the kind of celebrity who uses her platform to voice out political opinions.

“Siyempre, I care a lot about our country and I pray for our country and I do my best, you know, to help,” Almalbis told me. “I think with the given voice, with the given platform that I have which is music, (I have the responsibility) parang (like) to inspire people, to be a good example.”

As a mother, Almalbis just wants to be a good example to her children. When it comes to politics, she acknowledged that she is not an expert although her family in Roxas City is in politics and so is the family of her husband, the son of Senator Gringo Honasan.

Nakikita ko rin ‘yong (I also see) both sides so sometimes, (I realize that) hindi lahat ng nakikita natin sa media ay totoo, alam mo ‘yon (not everything you see in the media is true, you know),” Almalbis pointed out. “So minsan kaya hindi rin ako mabilis mag-react (sometimes, I do not quickly react) just based on what I read or what I see.”

“I’m not so quick to judge based on just what I read so siguro (maybe) if I was gonna give like an opinion or something, gusto ko sana mas researched siya, mas ma-verify ko na totoo (I want it to be more researched, that I verify further that it is true),” Almalbis explained. “Hindi lang ako sumasakay kasi sinabi ni ganyan, sinabi ni ganyan kasi nakikita ko rin ‘yong other side pag bina-bash na ‘yong politicians. Nakikita ko rin na karamihan sa mga bagay na yon ay hindi rin (totoo).” [I don’t just believe in things just because it was said by certain people because I have seen the other side when politicians get bashed. I also saw that most of those allegations are not (true)].

Kung ano lang ‘yong alam ko (Whatever I am knowledgeable about), which is music, doon ako (that is where I stay),” Almalbis concluded. “That’s how I’m serving. Hopefully, I’m serving others through music.”

Here is my complete interview with Almalbis:

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