GalAna Exclusive Championship to hold ‘GEC 1’ in Cairo Egypt to promote Egyptian and Arab MMA fighters

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Egyptian mixed martial arts promoter Kareem El Khateeb has launched an international MMA promotion called GalAna Exclusive Championship. Its inaugural event titled “GEC 1” will take place at the Track Sports Hall in Cairo, Egypt on August 2, 2019.

“I see all the fighters from Egypt as my family and it’s my responsibility to do something for them,” El Khateeb stated. “That’s why I created a small show for these guys as a start to prove that we really have a great fighters just need a chance.”

Led under the vision of supporting the Egyptian and Arab fighters and promoting them in different regions, “GEC 1” is headed by Mahmoud Tahoun as the event president with Muhammad Rizvan Ali as the matchmaker. More than 10 professional MMA bouts are on the fight card featuring fighters not only from Egypt but also from Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Sudan and Canada.

According to Tahoun, “GEC 1” will support MMA in Egypt. Through this fighting competition, new talents will emerge and the world will admire MMA fighters from Egypt even more, he said.

“GEC 1” will be headlined by Egyptian contenders Eslam “Ironman” Syaha and Abdel Rahman Emam and co-headlined also by a pair of Egyptian MMA fighters namely “Flex” Mohamed Ali and Hassan “The Viper” Mandour. Also on the card are Egyptian MMA fighters Ahmed El Gharib, Mahmoud Fawaz, Adham Mohamed, Ahmed Zac, Shady Taimour, Mano, Mohammad Mohmoud, Mohamed Shahin and Abdel Fatah Toha as well as Nasir Khan Yousafzai of Pakistan, Mohamed John of Sudan, Askar Bedelov of Kyrgyzstan and David Moon of Canada.

The GEC launched “GEC 1” in collaboration with Guerilla Zone Creative Marketing Solutions as the organizer and New Avenue Real Estate Consultancy, hummel, Nutrelite and Gold’s Academy Katameya Club as the sponsors. Among the media partners are Utopia Media and Promotions and بلدنا نيوز while The Portal Agency is the social media partner.

Shammel Hashish will serve as the Arabic interviewer at “GEC 1.” Meanwhile, here is a clip featuring the fighters in the upcoming MMA event in Cairo:

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