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Vanessa Ponce, Stephanie del Valle, Julia Morley grace Mr. World 2019 press conference in Manila, Philippines

Vanessa Ponce, Julia Morley, Stephanie del Valle

Vanessa Ponce, Julia Morley, Stephanie del Valle

Miss World Organization chairman Julia Morley, 79, of England attended the Mister World 2019 press conference at Novotel in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines on August 8, 2019. She was with Miss World 2016 Stephanie del Valle, 22, of Puerto Rico and Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce, 27, of Mexico.

Miss World Philippines national director Arnold Vegafria, 49, joined Morley, del Valle and Ponce in the press conference. The event was hosted by Miss Eco Tourism 2019 first runner-up Maureen Montagne, 22, of the Philippines.

Talking to the members of the press, Morley emphasized that she always feels at home whenever she is in the Philippines. She recalled that the last time when she was in the country, which was in 2018 for Miss World Philippines 2018, she mentioned that she might not be able to come back to the country due to health reasons.

But Morley is very healthy and energetic. So were del Valle, Ponce and Montagne who were also asked a question from a member of the press as if they were still competing in a beauty pageant.

In the panel were Mr. World Dominican Republic 2019 Alejandro Martinez, 26, Mr. World England 2019 Jack Heslewood, 27, Mr. World Kenya 2019 Robert Budi, 28, Mr. World Mexico 2019 Brian Faugier, 25, and Mr. World Philippines Jody Saliba, 26. They were the respective continental representatives of the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.

Also called in front to answer questions were Anakin Nontiprasit, 20, Leonardo Diaz Alincastro, 27, Carlos Franco, 27, Thomas Tzekos, 19, Jean Paul Bitar, 32, Daniel Torres, 29, Jorge Nunez, 24, Adilbek Nurayakev, 21, Nelson Enwerem, 23, and Ashley Peternella, 27. They were the respective candidates of Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Lebanon, Spain, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and the Netherlands.

Mr. World Spain 2019 had a hard time expressing himself in English. The reigning Miss World came to the rescue and served as his translator.

Before wrapping up the Mr. World 2019 press conference, Montagne called Mr. World Austria Alberto Nodale, 28, onstage. The Austrian candidate revealed that he is of Filipino descent as his Filipino mother hails from Laguna, Philippines.

Here is a clip from the event:

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