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Complete list of Miss Earth Chile 2019 candidates


Miss Earth Chile 2018 Antonia Figueroa will crown her successor at the Teatro Municipal de Vicuña in Vicuña, Chile on August 10, 2019. It is the 14th edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Chile’s Miss Earth candidate.

Currently, Chile has six Miss Earth placements including the coronation of Hil Yesenia Hernandez Escobar in 2006. In 2018, Figueroa finished in the Top 12.


Representing Coquimbo, Figueroa was crowned Miss Earth Chile 2018 at Diego Rivera Theater in Puerto Montt in Puerto Montt, Chile on September 16, 2018. Also crowned were Miss Air Chile 2018 Camila Hinojosa of Quillota, Miss Water Chile 2018 Kelsey Kohler of Valparaiso and Miss Fire Chile 2018 Catalina Figueroa Fadic of Antofagasta.

There are 15 women competing for the Miss Earth Chile 2019 title. Here are the candidates:

  1. Javiera Donoso, 22, Antofagasta
  2. Thiare Dos Santos, 19, Coquimbo
  3. Camila Marchant, 18, Elqui Valley
  4. María Jesús Bórquez, 21, Isla de Chiloé
  5. Antonia Pereira, 18, La Calera
  6. Mariana Mendoza, 25, La Reina
  7. Yanara Freire, 27, Linares
  8. Katherine Castillo, 19, Ovalle
  9. Francisca Valenzuela, 22, Quillota
  10. Fernanda Méndez, 27, San Pedro de Atacama
  11. Romina Vega, 17, Santiago
  12. Camila Zambrano, 23, Temuco
  13. Javiera Oyarzún, 19, Tocopilla
  14. Renata Arriagada, 19, Valparaíso
  15. Yailin Boza, 28, Viña del Mar

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