Australian model, lawyer, Muay Thai fighter Lilian Dikmans features in Maybelline New York ‘Generation Fluid’ campaign

Lilian Dikmans

Lilian Dikmans

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Lilian Dikmans is a model, lawyer and Muay Thai fighter who graduated from the University of Melbourne. A newly launched Maybelline New York “Generation Fluid” campaign covers her three simultaneous careers.

“There is a lot of fear involved when you choose to take on a new career but that’s what also makes it exciting,” Dikmans said. “If you are not willing to experiment and try new things, you will never find what works for you.”

With a double degree in Law and Commerce, Dikmans (3-0-1) has become the first Australian model to compete in Muay Thai simultaneously and she holds a professional record of 3 wins, 0 loss and 2 draw. The University of Melbourne alumna returned to the United States in April 2019 following her fight in October 2018 in Perth, Western Australia.

The video covering “Generation Fluid” recently hit the stream. Talking about makeup, Dikmans said that it helps her shift between her three different career worlds.

“Legal-wise I’ll be going for a more polished look,” Dikmas shared. “In the modelling world, you can take more risks with your makeup choices. I don’t really wear makeup when I am training.”

Although not aspiring to a career of a world champion, Dikmans proved it was indeed possible to remain prominently active in the field of lights and glamour and compete in full contact sport simultaneously. To date, she has scored four bouts as well as a number of campaigns for internationally renowned brands, including Ford Motor Company and Sony, just to name a couple.

The “Generation Fluid” campaign also features musical theater performer and dancer Jayme Jo Massoud, dancer and choreographer Jordan Charles Herbert, Not So Mumsy blog creator Marcia Leone, music and makeup artist Claire Howell and writer and digital content creator Helen Chik. Here is the campaign featuring Dikmans:

More information and other videos can be found on Maybelline New York Australia and New Zealand website.

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