Complete list of Miss Universe Laos 2019 candidates


Miss Universe Laos 2018 On-anong Homsombath, 24, of Vientiane, Laos will crown her successor at the Grand Ball Room of Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel in Vientiane on August 24, 2019. It will be the second edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Laos’s Miss Universe candidate.

Homsonbath was runner-up to Miss Universe Laos 2017 Souphaphone Somvichith, 22, of Champasak, Laos. No national competition was held in 2018 so Homsonbath was appointed as Somvichith’s successor.


There are 30 women competing for the Miss Universe Laos 2019 title. Here are the candidates:

1Arlitnoy Keomanypanh19Vientiane5’512
2Chantha Inthavong19Vientiane5’7″
3Khonesavunh Phaengthong21Vientiane5’612
4Souphaphone Tepsakmouang21Vientiane5’6″
5Nomalisa Siphonesai23Xiangkhouang5’6″
6Soukdavanh Silivath26Vientiane5’6″
7Dalika Jamnong16Vientiane5’612
8Thipsavanh Manidone18Vientiane5’8″
9Pavina Souphanthavong23Vientiane5’712
10Viengsavnh Pradith20Vientiane5’512
11Chanthida Phomdouangdy22Vientiane5’6″
12Khonesavanh Aphay21Vientiane5’512
13Foutty Sinthavong21Sainyabuli5’7″
14Pavina Yongvongsitthi20Sainyabuli5’6″
15Phonemany Fonphachan22Vientiane5’612
16Mekkhala Chaleunxay18Vientiane5’512
17Thipaksone Vongvichit23Khammouane5’512
18Thipkesone Faymetta24Vientiane5’7″
19Phoumanithip Suyavong21Vientiane5’512
20Sunisa Vilaykham27Houaphanh5’6″
21Vilaivan Sengaloun19Vientiane5’6″
22Danta Vilayvong21Vientiane5’512
23Aliya Inthavong23Bokeo5’6″
24Palita Sysongkhang19Vientiane5’512
25Simmany Vongphachan22Vientiane5’712
26Lattana Munvilay25Salavan5’712
27Phaithida Phothisane25Vientiane5’9″
28Pheng Hombounmy18Vientiane5’6″
29Vichitta Phonevilay23Bolikhamsai5’912
30Souksavanh Sisombath20Vientiane5’7″


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