[VIDEOS] Angelika Tumang is the new Joaquin Montes

Angelika Tumang

Angelika Tumang

A video of a 13-year-old girl physically and verbally attacked by a fellow teenager inside a mall in the Philippines has gone viral. The attacker is Angelica Tumang, 15.

The attack took place inside the restroom of Jenra Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines in September 2018. Also seen in the video is Tumang’s friend John Lloyd Impagyo, 16.

Angelika Tumang


Apparently, the victim in the viral video is not alone. At least six more teenagers were said to have been attacked by Tumang.

It turned out that Tumang has been victimizing several teenage girls. She would use the Facebook account of her boyfriend Nickole Gamboa, 15, and send messages to teenage girls.

Nickole Gamboa, Angelika Tumang

Nickole Gamboa, Angelika Tumang

Still using Gamboa’s Facebook account, Tumang would then set up a meeting with whoever replies to the messages. In the meeting, she would physically and verbally hurt the girl and document the abuse on video.

Tumang is a seventh grader at Francisco G. Nepomuceno Memorial High School in Angeles City. In an interview with Raffy Tulfo in his popular show “Wanted sa Radyo,” the school’s principal Estrelita Lecaros was questioned why they did not immediately expel the teenage bully.

Lecaros explained that they were aware of Tumang’s attacks against fellow teenage girls but they needed to follow the process before expelling a student. The principal revealed that the seventh grader has transferred to another school, which is also located in Angeles City.

Tulfo revealed in “Wanted sa Radyo” that, according to sources, Tumang is a member of a little teenage rascals group called Smoking Area Group. The other members mentioned were Abby Calara, Michaela Catacutan, Honey Faye Catanghal, Winang Sultan and seven other male members.

According to the victim in the viral video, Sultan is the leader of the group. She is said to be pregnant and she was the one taking the video while Tumang was physically violent to the victim.

Sources revealed that the Smoking Area Group members take marijuana and shabu or drug methamphetamine before they commit violence. Their drug supplier is allegedly nicknamed Toril and Big Boy.

Joaquin Montes

Bullying among teenagers have been a national concern in the Philippines recently. A week before 2018 ended, the country talked about the viral videos showing a junior high school student attacking fellow students inside the restroom of the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The attacker Joaquin Montes was the most hated Filipino at the time. He was fortunate that the Philippine law gives generous protection to perpetrators who are minors like him.

In particular, the martial arts community in the Philippines condemned the bullying incident considering that Montes is a taekwondo practitioner. When he finally broke his silence, he claimed what he did was mere self-defense and not bullying.

“I was just defending myself,” Montes told Arnold Clavio of GMA News. “Hindi naman ako nam-bully (I did not bully) for no reason.”

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