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Luan Santiago: Cleiton Silva won’t exist after ‘Brave 25’ in Brazil

Luan Santiago (© Brave Combat Federation)

Luan Santiago (© Brave Combat Federation)

Reigning Brave Combat Federation Lightweight World Champion Luan “Miau” Santiago, 24, of Brazil was animated when he stormed through the media room during the “Brave 25” fight week. As he was being interviewed, his excitement turned into anger as he vowed to end the career of his opponent, his countryman Cleiton “Predator” Silva, 33, when they at “Brave 25.”

Brave CF will hold “Brave 25” on August 30, 2019 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. In the main event, Silva will challenge Santiago.

Prior to the fight night, Santiago was visibly irritated with the last round of the challenger’s thrash talk. Silva claimed the defending champion was a runner and had never fought someone like him.

“The Predator is fiction, pure fiction,” Santiago said. “It doesn’t exist and after I’m done with Cleiton, he won’t exist either. I’m going to show him who’s the king of the jungle.”

“He says he owns Belo Horizonte but I’ve fought here before and I have my own supporters here,” Santiago said of Silva. “The king of the jungle is the lion and he’s a feline. I’m going to show his bum style doesn’t work on me.”

“I’m going to hurt him,” Santiago added. “Predator, you are old, and I’m going to retire you on Friday night. Get ready.”

Santiago predicted an early finish as he did when he faced former Brave CF Lightweight Champion Abdul-Kareem “Pride of Palestine” Al-Selwady, 23, of Jordan. The Jordanian MMA star was dethroned by the Brazilain fighter at “Brave 23: Pride and Honor” on April 19, 2019  at the Martyr Rashid Al-Ziyoud Hall Boxing Arena in Amman, Jordan.

“Cleiton says I’m going to regret facing him but I’ll only regret ending his night too early,” Santiago said. “I’m going to end the fight in the first round and I might regret not punishing him more. That’s it. After the event, everyone will hear, ‘And still,’ once again.”

Know more about “Brave 25” here:

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