Isabelle de Leon: Quezon City is a fun place

Isabelle de Leon

Isabelle de Leon

Isabelle de Leon, 25, is literally the number 1 candidate of Miss World Philippines 2019. While her family is based in Samar, the actor-singer is representing Quezon City, where she currently lives and works.

“My family lives in Samar, my Mom, my grandfather, my great-grandfather lives in Samar, Boronggan, Samar,” de Leon said during the press presentation at Novotel Manila Araneta Center in Quezon City, Metro Manila on August 29, 2019. “But I vote in QC and grew up in Quezon City. It’s a fun place.”

“My work is there,” de Leon continued. “It’s nearby. It’s a very colorful city, Quezon City. That’s why I chose to represent Quezon City.”

Among the 40 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2019, at least three, including de Leon, are known to the Filipinos because they already work in the show business. But for her, all of the candidates have a fair chance to win one of the six crowns at stake.

“People expect a lot from us because we’re used to be in front of the camera or we’re used to memorizing lines or whatever it might be (whether it is) talking to people (or) talking to press,” de Leon said. “But pageantry for me is like an entirely a different thing. You change your mindset. You focus on something complete different and I think that’s where the challenge comes from.”

“On top of that, we do have the pressure,” de Leon admitted. “But I think that it kinda has pros and cons that we are an artista (actor) because yes, we have experience but also there’s a lot of pressure on us. But I think everyone has their own pressure.”

“We all have fair game,” de Leon added. “(It is a) fair game for everyone.”

Born in Manila on July 30, 1994, de Leon made her acting debut in 2000 when she played Angelina in “Munting Anghel” on GMA Network. She is best known for playing Donna “Duday” Vallejo in the sitcom “Daddy Di Do Du” from 2001 to 2007 on the same network.

De Leon is one of the few Filipino actors who have appeared on all of the three major networks in the Philippines namely GMA Network, ABS-CBN and TV5. She starred in “Nasaan Ka Elisa?” from 2011 to 2012 and “Maria Mercedes” from 2013 to 2014 on ABS-CBN and “Trenderas” in 2014 on TV5.

In 2018, de Leon played a villain in “My Guitar Princess” on GMA Network. She is currently signed with the network.

Here is de Leon during the Miss World Philippines 2019 press presentation:

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