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EASL’s ‘The Terrific 12’ players Lance Stephenson, Makoto Hiejima, Ryumo Ono, Li Muhao, Sun Minghui, Shen Zijie, Lee Junghyun are excited

EASL tournament 'The Terrific 12' poster

East Asia Super League will hold “The Terrific 12” from September 17-22, 2019 at the Tap Seac Multi-Sport Pavilion in Macao, China. Top club teams from China, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines will face off in the international basketball tournament that is recognized by the Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA).

“The Terrific 12” is filled to the brim with All-Star and national team talent from the best teams across East Asia. The teams are championship contenders in their respective leagues. Here are some of the star players:


Lance Stephenson of the Liaoning Flying Leopards:

“I can’t wait to play in The Terrific 12 with my new teammates. I’m excited to play in such a great tournament this early in the season. It should really help us unite as a team and help me acclimate to this new style of play more easily. Our plan is to win the championship, so that momentum will help us as a club heading into the regular season.”


Makoto Hiejima of Utsunomiya Brex:

“Although the Japanese teams are getting stronger, there’s a need to experience more games against top opponents through EASL. We will energize not only Asia, but also the world via the games!”


Ryumo Ono of the Chiba Jets:

I am so excited to enjoy and participate in the games of The Terrific 12, because it’s totally different from our league. Each team is very sophisticated and just as strong as any team we’ve ever gone up against. I cannot wait!”


Li Muhao of the Shenzhen Leopards:

“I really look forward to going up against Filipino big man, June Mar Fajardo. He’s a legendary player, but I don’t think he knows what he’s getting himself into.”


Sun Minghui of the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions:

“This is my third year participating in an EASL event and I’m not going home empty handed.”


Shen Zijie of the Shenzhen Aviators

“We’re ready to prove that we deserve to be here and showcase what the CBA brings to the table.”


Lee Junghyun of KCC Egis All-star

“The best way to become an elite club is through competition. The Terrific 12 provides that opportunity and the ability for the KBL to showcase its clubs and star talent.”

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