ABS-CBN Ball 2019: 13 fashion fails

To raise funds in support of Bantay Bata 163’s Bantay Edukasyon program, Filipino celebrities gathered at the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 on September 14, 2019. The event was also a tribute to the late Earth warrior Gina Lopez.

The dress code was modern Barong Tagalog and modern Filipiniana. When the creativity of the stylist and the way the man carried the garment fail to produce a chemistry, the magic the spectators are expecting will not happen.

Without considering the celebrity behind the wearer, we picked the celebrity-garment combinations that we believe did not work. To be clear, this is not a list of the worst dressed celebrities during the event.

They were all nicely dressed but there were just some whose magic were left at home that night. Here is our list of 13 ABS-CBN 2019 fashion fails:


JM de Guzman

There’s nothing wrong with the dress really. It just looked like he did not have time to pick a dress and had to borrow from someone else not his size.


Bailey May

It looked like he was about to perform a duet with himself.


Anne Curtis

The designer probably wanted to combine modern Filipiniana with fairy tale looks but it just did not happen. Kudos to Curtis for making it work but put this on someone not as pretty as her, it would look like a confused Cinderella.


Richard Gutierrez

Cutting the dress (and him) in half is just not flattering.


Marco Gumabao

The columns in the dress are not flattering. Kudos to Gumabao for making it work but like the dress of Curtis, this will look boring on someone not as handsome as him.


TOP 13

13. Kean Cipriano

These two good looks are not meant to be. The looks are good individually but awkward when combined.


12. Yam Concepcion

By not oversizing the sleeve, it made her head look bigger than it actually is.


11. Juliana Parizcova Segovia

There’s too much going on. She could have picked just the multi-layered robe or just the Queen of Hearts dress.


10. James Reid

The accents on his coat are silly. The silliness is even emphasized when he stands beside Nadine Lustre who is wearing a cleanly designed dress.


#9. Seth Fedelin

Cutting the dress short just made him look much shorter than he really is.


8. Enzo Pineda

The designer seemed to have fallen in love with two designs so much that he could not pick just one so he just put them together. Unnecessarily.


7. K Brosas

Yellow is a happy color but the designer of this dress seemed to be so unhappy that he/she came up with a boring design.


6. Ryza Cenon

She is probably playing a nurse in a television series or a film and did not have time to change her outfit so she just added a black shawl so it wouldn’t be too obvious.


5. Hayden Kho

I mean. Why?


4. Beauty Gonzales

I really feel bad for this stunning beauty. It looks like her designer pranked her with this dress and forgot to tell her it was just a prank.


#3. Khali Ramos

Is he volunteering to be the traffic enforcer in the event to make sure attendees get in and out in an orderly fashion?

#2. Tim Yap




#1. Jed Madela

Why did he let them do this to him?

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