Croatia’s Marija Debelic from hosting ‘ONEUP’ to releasing ‘Dame’ single

Marija Debelic

Originally from Croatia, Marija Debelic, 26, has been living in Manila, Philippines for almost five years now. Since moving to a new country, the dancer, model, host and actress has accomplished a lot from hosting a video game show to releasing a music album.

Debelic is happy to launch her very first solo single titled “Dame” (Too Many), which she co-wrote with Archie Malate, Kim David Obejas and Daniel Gerardo Ytterdahl. The song tells a story about a girl who is carefully picking a man among her suitors.

“It’s about finding a quality person who will stick with you no matter what,” Debelic said of “Dame.” “And masaya po ako (I am happy) that I get to sing this song in Tagalog, my second language and work with an amazing team.”

Since 2009, Debelic has been traveling the world as a professional dancer, host and model and has performed in Austria, China, France, Germany, Macau, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and United States, among others. Among the many places she has been, she chose the Philippines to be her second home.

“I love the country sobra (a lot)!” Debelic said of the Philippines. “The people are very hospitable and warm to be with.”

The Croatian performer fell in love not only with the Filipino people. She also fell in love with their dishes and delicacies including polvoron, a Filipino-style shortbread made of toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar and butter.

“I’m in love with the delicacies such as polvoron,” said Debelic, who happens to be a vegan. “I can eat more than 10 polvorons a day.”

As an actor, Debelic starred in the ABS-CBN drama “Be My Lady” and in the the movies “Beauty and the Bestie” and “Boy Tokwa.” She has done over 20 TV commercials in the Philippines, as well.

Currently, Debelic is working on a leading role with a Netflix show called “Fusion.” She is also hosting the Philippines’ first video game variety TV show “ONEUP” on TV5.

Before entering the entertainment industry, Debelic graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. She dreams of building her own business one day.

Dame” is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes and Dezeer. Watch the music video here:

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