Australia-based Call Design expands operations; Workforce management and optimization as a service to take companies to new dimensions

Call Design

Call Design, a workforce management and optimization company from Australia, is expanding its operations to provide full-component services. These services will improve workforce management performance, optimize service processes in contact center, branch and back-office operations, integrating technology and services using data science at its core.

On September 24, 2019, Call Design Pty. Ltd executive director Sean Mather, accompanied by Call Design Philippines general manager Cecille Tan, met with representatives of media publications including Conan Daily at The Peninsula Manila in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines to talk about the company. Get to know more about the company here:

Call Design from Australia to the Philippines

Call Design was founded in 1999 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to provide workforce management business solutions, technology, and consulting services to their clients in Australia, the United States and Europe. The company first came to the Philippines in 2008 to support the workforce management teams of their clients who are mostly blue-chip companies across the globe.

In 2019, Call Design enlarged its services by offering Workforce Management and Optimization as a Service to ensure that right people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time to provide companies with optimal service and quality.

Workforce Management and Optimization

According to Mather, workforce management is crucial in every business but is a highly overlooked part of operations. However, demand for workforce optimization is rising due to the thriving business climate in different regions, including the Philippines.

“Organizations must provide quality service, efficiency and effectiveness and at the same time ensure revenue generation, cost efficiency and profitability,” Mather said. “It’s a demanding balancing act, and the solution is the efficiency and effectiveness that WFO can provide. A large chunk of a company’s success is due to efficient, well-managed staff.”

“Workforce optimization ensures that employees are aligned with the goals of the organization,” Mather continued. “Call Design works at an enterprise-wide level to put the best tools in place for an unparalleled customer experience.”

Tan noted that Call Design continues to revolutionize the workplace by providing effective workforce management and optimization services, tools and technology, custom software development, exceptional support, personalized training, and consulting services at a lower cost than when the companies themselves do their own employee management.

“It is the first of its kind in the country,” Tan said. “Backed by 20 years of WFM experience and expertise, Call Design’s workforce management and optimization services can help companies acquire an optimum level of performance, increase staff retention, improve technology, save on costs and time, provide a superior customer experience and make them true global players. It is often considered as the next logical move to analyze and manage the staff and operational efficiency in order to elevate customer experience.”

Call Design’s clients and main goal

Call Design’s clients spanning 26 countries belong to different industries including Australia’s major banks, international telecommunications companies, blue chip insurers, governmental bodies and other global entities.

The main goal of Call Design is to increase efficiency and expertise in contact centers and shared services operations for all clients from different industries. The company also provide services on performance management, quality management, knowledge management and load management.

Clients can choose to have their internal staff go through essential trainings for workforce management, quality, performance management, manager essentials and back-office essentials. Here is Conan Daily’s interview with Maher:

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