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Rocket Internet-backed ZEN launches Founders Philippines to boost top young Filipino entrepreneurs

Founders Philippines

Founders Philippines

Seeded by Rocket Internet, hospitality group ZEN Rooms is delighted to announce the launch of Founders Philippines, a new program to support top young entrepreneurs based in the country. At the kick-off event on October 5, 2019, the program provided 30 select participants with practical knowledge on how to successfully launch and run a start-up.

The program comes at a time when more millennials are looking to establish their own company. Topics covered included how to sell, mistakes you can’t make when starting a company and how to execute a business plan.

According to a recent report by The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), 44 percent of Filipinos intend to start a business in the future. However, many may lack the skills and knowledge needed to successfully grow a business.

Figures released by GEM showed that the Philippines currently has the highest business closure rate in Southeast Asia and three times higher than Vietnam, Malaysia or Indonesia. By providing highly practical tips, knowledge and a solid network each month with leading entrepreneurs and speakers, the program is looking to support the government’s target of doubling the number of entrepreneurs in the country by 2022, create jobs and new services.

“The Philippines is a country brimming with entrepreneurial potential and societal issues to be solved,” ZEN co-founder and CEO Nathan Boublil stated. “ZEN has gone through the hardship of starting and growing fast in the Philippines and we now want to share and create a leading network of entrepreneurs who help each other.”

“ZEN is committed to providing driven young professionals with 100 percent actionable, practical entrepreneurial education and the network they need to launch a company to boost entrepreneurial activity in the Philippines,” Boublil continued. “We are supporting driven entrepreneurs of all kinds, whether lifestyle or venture-backed.”

One of those who attended the program was Betty, a cohort member and Ateneo graduate. She said that the event was “highly practical and gave real tips that can be used now when managing a team and will be key when launching a start-up in the future”.

Founders Philippines will hold sessions each month free of charge. Once accepted onto the program, the sessions provide participants with training and mentoring for their business ideas.

Hosted by leading founders and executives in the Philippines, the program also promotes an opportunity to network with like-minded young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs can register their interest in the limited-space program using the following link:

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