Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 results: Sharifa Akeel crowns Chaiyenne Huisman in Pasay City, Metro Manila

Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel

Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel

  • Beauty Pageant: Miss Asia Pacific International 2019
  • Edition: 41st (including Miss Asia, Miss Asia Quest versions)
  • Date: October 9, 2019
  • Venue: Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Philippines
  • Hosts: Joey Mead, Sam YG, Bobby Tonelli
  • Number of candidates: 54



  • First Standard Finance Corporation
  • Paciflex Wires and Cables
  • Marriott Manila
  • FOCUS Ilaw ng Bayan
  • Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa
  • Hotel 101 Manila


  • Trainstation
  • University of Perpetual Help
  • Sherlock Lockset
  • King 3 Lang
  • Zanea Shoes
  • Teledata
  • Sherlux
  • Sony Boy Mindo Couture
  • Thistles and Blooms


  • Mega Millennium Royal Corporation
  • Laurel Valley
  • GRM Biowood Interiors Corporation
  • Tipsy Pig Gastropub
  • Tinapayan Festival The House of Bread
  • Le Don’s Garden Cafe


Best in National Costume: Denisse Nicole Ligpitan (Germany)

  • 1st runner-up: Amanda Kristen Lee (Malaysia)
  • 2nd runner-up: Carolina Schüler (Brazil)

Best in Evening Gown: Eoanna Constanza (Dominican Republic)

  • 1st runner-up: Jessica Cianchino (Canada)
  • 2nd runner-up: Anjelica Whitelaw (Australia)

Best in Swimsuit: Anna Maria Ciritel (Romania)

  • 1st runner-up: Klyza Castro (Philippines)
  • 2nd runner-up: Eoanna Constanza (Dominican Republic)

Best in Talent: Sothida Pokimtheng (Cambodia)

  • 1st runner-up: Uliana Yuliana Mullina (Russia)
  • 2nd runner-up: Daphne Fuerte (Mexico)

Darling of the Press: Ana Maria Ciritel (Romania)

  • 1st runner-up: Klyza Castro (Philippines)
  • 2nd runner-up: Silindokuhle Mbali Dlamini (South Africa)


  • University of Perpetual Help Leadership Awardee: Klyza Castro (Philippines)
  • Perpetual Community Service Awardee: Alexandra Morillo (Peru)
  • Perpetual Help’s Choice: Nicole Severo (Italy)
  • Miss Congeniality: Noy Ben Artzi (Israel)
  • Miss Inspirational: Daphne Fuerte (Mexico)
  • Miss Hotel 101: Klyza Castro (Philippines)
  • Miss Culture Hair Salon: Jessica Victoria Cianchino (Canada)
  • Miss Missossology: Nguyễn Thị Thu Hiền (Vietnam)
  • Miss OPMB: Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan (Germany)
  • Miss Stronghold: Elena Reumar (Latvia)
  • Miss Zanea Shoes: Heïdi Loyer (France)
  • Miss Zen Rooms: Anjelica Whitelaw (Miss Australia)
  • Miss Pyoor Essentials: Klyza Castro (Philippines)
  • Miss Trainstation: Caro Boonen (Netherlands)
  • Miss Photogenic: Jessica Cianchino (Canada)
  • Miss Fashion India: Chaiyenne Huisman (Spain)
  • Metro EsthetiCo ambasadresses: Ashleigh Kleintijes (Namibia), Klyza Castro (Philippines), Eoanna Constanza (Dominican Republic)
  • People’s Choice: Thailand


  • Africa: Michele-Ange Minkata (Cameroon)
  • Americas: Jessica Cianchino (Canada)
  • Asia: Klyza Castro (Philippines)
  • Europe: Lauralyn Vermeersch (Belgium)
  • Oceania: Chelsea Martin (New Zealand)

TOP 25

  1. Michele-Ange Minkata (Cameroon)
  2. Jessica Cianchino (Canada)
  3. Klyza Castro (Philippines)
  4. Lauralyn Vermeersch (Belgium)
  5. Chelsea Martin (New Zealand)
  6. Anna Maria Ciritel (Romania)
  7. Eoanna Constanza (Dominican Republic)
  8. Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan (Germany)
  9. Jacqueline Alves (Portugal)
  10. Daphne Fuerte (Mexico)
  11. Amanda Kristen Lee (Malaysia)
  12. Zully Paz (Honduras)
  13. Nicole Severo (Italy)
  14. Ashleigh Kleintijes (Namibia)
  15. Alexandra Morillo (Peru)
  16. Chaiyenne Huisman (Spain)
  17. Alejandra Rodríguez (Colombia)
  18. Caro Boonen (Netherlands)
  19. Elena Remuar (Latvia)
  20. Carolina Schüler (Brazil)
  21. Adedoyin Queen Abiodun (Nigeria)
  22. Fiorella Cortez (Costa Rica)
  23. Almira Salakhutdi Nova (Australia)
  24. Silindokuhle Mbali Dlamini, (South Africa)
  25. Chunita Wongwiboonrat (Thailand)

TOP 10

  1. Jacqueline Alves (Portugal)
  2. Anna Maria Ciritel (Romania)
  3. Lauralyn Vermeersch (Belgium)
  4. Alexandra Morillo (Peru)
  5. Chaiyenne Huisman (Spain)
  6. Fiorella Cortez (Costa Rica)
  7. Jessica Cianchino (Canada)
  8. Chunita Wongwiboonrat (Thailand)
  9. Carolina Schüler (Brazil)
  10. Eoanna Constanza (Dominican Republic)

Final Question: Should you win Miss Asia Pacific International 2019, what legacy would you like to leave behind?


  1. Carolina Schüler (Brazil)
  2. Chaiyenne Huisman (Spain)
  3. Fiorella Cortez (Costa Rica)
  4. Eoanna Constanza (Dominican Republic)
  5. Jessica Cianchino (Canada)





4th runner-up Raquel Van Gool (Netherlands) Fiorella Cortez (Costa Rica)
3rd runner-up Mariani Nataly Chacon Angarita (Venezuela) Carolina Schüler (Brazil)
2nd runner-up Misheelt Narmandakh (Mongolia) Jessica Cianchino (Canada)
1st runner-up Gabriela Palma (Brazil) Eoanna Constanza (Dominican Republic)
Miss Asia Pacific International Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel (Philippines) Chaiyenne Huisman (Spain)

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