Stephanie Poetri, Jackson Wang collaborate in 88rising album ‘Head in the Clouds II’

'Head in the Clouds' poster

One of the 16 tracks in the 88rising album “Head in the Clouds II” is a duet between an Indonesian singer and a K-Pop superstar. Stephanie Poetri has released a music video for the remix of her viral hit “I Love You 3000 II” featuring  Jackson Wang, 25.


Stephanie Poetri

A natural-born storyteller, Stephanie Poetri, 19, is a singer and songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. Growing up within a family full of creatives, her mother is an acclaimed Indonesian singer; her father a music teacher, it is not a surprise that she has chosen to pursue her passion in music.

Poetri prides herself in transforming stories from movies, friends, and experiences into charming lyrics that transcend age demographics and geographical limitations. Her original version of “I Love You 3000” was a viral phenomenon, amassing more than 55 million streams since its June release, topping Spotify’s Global Viral 50 for four weeks and inspiring countless covers and fan videos across the internet.


Jackson Wang

Wang is a Chinese singer and dancer and also currently the lead member of phenomenon K-pop group GOT7 based in South Korea. He is also known for his TV appearances and as the face of Fendi, Alibaba, and adidas in China.

A multi-faceted artist, Jackson continuously produces pop hits – his debut solo release, “Papillon”, ranked number 1 in QQ Music and topped Billboard’s China V Chart. Within 24 hours of its music video release, the song landed him on the Weibo Hot Topic List with more than 59 million discussions and 27 million views on Weibo in 2 days.

Written, composed and arranged by Jackson, both “Fendiman” and “Different Game” immediately topped the iTunes US charts. His most recent single, “BULLET TO THE HEART” from his upcoming album “MIRRORS” has reached over 10 million streams on YouTube.



88rising is at the forefront of catapulting Asian culture into new dimensions. Refusing to be confined within a single vessel, it has exceptionally executed any and all ideas, while breaking new ground along the way.

Best known as the team behind Internet-breaking sensations including Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers and Keith Ape, 88rising has quickly escalated to selling out world tours, hosting festivals and working with today’s biggest stars. With an undeniable influence, it has more than 3.3 million subscribers and 1 billion  views on YouTube.

The first label compilation album of 88rising titled “Head in the Clouds” was released on July 20, 2018. The team’s full 17-date North American tour and second annual Head in the Clouds music festival are in the books.

Moreover, 88rising’s first major fashion collaboration GUE88 Head In The Clouds is selling out in minutes. Now, the team is determined to make a difference more than ever not just for the culture but primarily for the international Asian community.

Watch the music video of “I Love You 3000 II” here:


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