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19 most beautiful Miss Globe 2019 candidates

Reigning Miss Globe 2018 Yu Yizhou of China will crown her successor on October 21, 2019 at the Holiday Villages Montenegro in Ulcinj, Montenegro. A total of 49 candidates from around the globe are vying for the crown.

Hosted by Arjola Shehu and Sabrija Vulic, The Miss Globe 2019 coronation night will feature performances by Daniel Dann, Bella Meri and Fıratcan Dalmış. For me, these are the most beautiful candidates:

19. Nicole Benavente (Venezuela)

18. Ernesta Matukaite (Lithuania)

17. Dou Wen (China)

16. Hillary Cerra (Colombia)

15. Mavy Ead (Egypt)

14. Irina Ursuletu (Romania)

13. Fateeva Anastasia (Kazakhstan)

12. Carla Jean Lares (Trinidad and Tobago)

11. Daria Bessmertnaya (Russia)

10. Rossella Pavoncelli (Italy)

9. Anette Müürsepp (Estonia)

8. Klea Bushi (Albania)

7. Charlotte Gavard (France)

6. Kristýna Malírová (Czech Republic)

5. Caitlyn Petch (Australia)

4. Danielle Riemersma (Netherlands)

3. Emma Clough (New Zealand)

2. Patricia Ancheta (United States)

1. Leren Bautista (Philippines)

Watch the Miss Bikini Competition of Miss Globe 2019 hosted by Arjola Shehu here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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