Miss World Singapore 2019 results: Vanessa Peh crowns Sheen Cher at Mediacorp Studio

  • beauty pageant: Miss World Singapore
  • edition: 47th
  • date: October 19, 2019
  • venue: 1 Stars Avenue, Mediacorp Studio, Singapore
  • broadcaster: Mediacorp Channel 5
  • number of candidates: 14


  1. Jade Lee Seok Yee
  2. Simran Kaur
  3. Erica Chen Suat Wei
  4. Han Rui Yun
  5. Gayathiri Rajagopal
  6. Angeline Devanthiran
  7. Sheen Cher
  8. Ada Lee Hyiyu
  9. Trishala Nar Singh
  10. Kareena Kaur
  11. Rafillah Rapit
  12. Janna Tan Wei Xuan
  13. Cristel Cheong Yangting
  14. Genevieve Tan



  1. Janna Tan Wei Xuan
  2. Kareena Kaur 
  3. Rafillah Rapit 
  4. Sheen Cher
  5. Trishala Nar Singh



2nd princessVanessa Tiara TayJanna Tan Wei Xuan
1st princessShonalie RahaRafillah Rapit
MISS WORLD SINGAPORE Vanessa Peh Ting TingSheen Cher

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