Mister Working Men International 2019 results: Inaugural winner crowned in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Beauty Pageant: Mister Working Men International 2019
  • Edition: 1st
  • Date: October 21, 2019
  • Venue: Central Plaza Chaengwattana Hall, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Number of candidates: 17


  1. Edmar Bin Zaki (Borneo)
  2. Diogo Carvalho (Brazil)
  3. Ngep Tonick (Cambodia)
  4. Ken Perry (Cameroon)
  5. David Duarte (Colombia)
  6. Mon Rivo (Hundred Islands Philippines)
  7. Pankaj Kumar (India)
  8. Phimmasone Singsavanh (Laos)
  9. Daniel Luke (Malaysia)
  10. Alfie S. Herrera (Filipino community of Malta)
  11. Syed Ahsan Ali (Pakistan)
  12. Willy Quinto (Philippines)
  13. Chathura Dilan (Sri Lanka)
  14. David Oliver Keller (Switzerland)
  15. Tapsatit Gooncokkord (Thailand)
  16. Luis Nava (United States)
  17. Lê Trường Vinh (Vietnam)


  1. Mister Strongman: Luis Nava (United States)
  2. Mister Body Perfect: Ken Perry (Cameroon)
  3. Mister Friendly: Phimmasone Singsavanh (Laos)
  4. Mister Vision Working Man: David Duarte (Colombia)
  5. Mister Smart Man: Lê Trường Vinh (Vietnam)
  6. Mister Sexy Guy: Diogo Carvalho (Brazil)
  7. Mister Charming: David Oliver Keller (Switzerland)
  8. Mister Photogenic: Ngep Tonick (Cambodia)
  9. Best in Talent: Mon Rivo (Hundred Islands Philippines)
  10. Best in Relationship: Pankaj Kumar (India)
  11. Best in National Costume: Daniel Luke (Malaysia)
  12. Young Thai Organization Ambassadors: Alfie S. Herrera (Filipino community of Malta), Edmar Bin Zaki (Borneo), Willy Quinto (Philippines)
  13. Ambassador of Working Men: Tapsatit Gooncokkord (Thailand)

TOP 10

(according to announcement)

  1. Willy Quinto (Philippines)
  2. Ngep Tonick (Cambodia)
  3. David Duarte (Colombia)
  4. Luis Nava (United States)
  5. Phimmasone Singsavanh (Laos)
  6. Pankaj Kumar (India)
  7. Diogo Carvalho (Brazil)
  8. Ken Perry (Cameroon)
  9. Daniel Luke (Malaysia)
  10. Tapsatit Gooncokkord (Thailand)


(according to announcement)

  1. Luis Nava (United States)
  2. David Duarte (Colombia)
  3. Tapsatit Gooncokkord (Thailand)
  4. Willy Quinto (Philippines)
  5. Ngep Tonick (Cambodia)


  • 4th runner-up: Ngep Tonick (Cambodia)
  • 3rd runner-up: Tapsatit Gooncokkord (Thailand)
  • 2nd runner-up: David Duarte (Colombia)
  • 1st runner-up: Luis Nava (United States)
  • Mister Working Men International 2019: Willy Quinto (Philippines)

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