beauty pageant results

Mr. Supranational USA 2019 results: New Mexico’s Nicholas Kotselas crowns successor in Los Angeles, California

  • Beauty Pageant: Mister Supranational USA 2019
  • Edition: 4th
  • Date: October 27, 2019
  • Venue: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Hosts:
  • Performers:
  • Number of candidates: 17


  1. Branden Cruz, 28, Florida
  2. Colton Reiswitz, 28, San Diego
  3. Griffin Winter, 23, Virginia
  4. Jeremy Sonnier, 23, Louisiana
  5. Jonathan Baca, 27, Texas
  6. Kaden Adelman, 33, Bay Area
  7. Karthik-Karl Muddu, 27, New York
  8. Lance Manibog, 24, Fresno Country
  9. Max Marshall, 20, Orange County
  10. Michael French, 30, North Carolina
  11. Michael John, 31, Nevada
  12. Nate Crnkovich, 24, Nebraska
  13. Nathan Ballard, 27, San Fernando Valley
  14. Ramiro Leal, 26, Los Angeles
  15. Ryan Larson, 30, New Mexico
  16. Tamalii Campbell, 22, Hawaii
  17. Zakk Davis, 22, Maryland


  • Most Photogenic: Lance Manibog (Fresno County)
  • Mr. Personality: Karthik-Karl Muddu (New York)
  • Best Style: Kaden James (Bay Area)


  1. Branden Cruz (Florida)
  2. Lance Manibog (Fresno County)
  3. Karthik-Karl Muddu (New York)
  4. Zakk Davis (Maryland)
  5. Kaden James (The Bay Area)
  6. Nate Crnkovich (Nebraska)



Outgoing King (2018)

Newly Crowned King  (2019)

5th runner-up N/A Lance Manibog (Fresno County)
4th runner-up N/A Kaden James (Bay Area)
3rd runner-up N/A Karthik-Karl Muddu (New York)
2nd runner-up Spencer Gilmartin Branden Cruz (Florida)
1st runner-up Chase Olswang Zakk Davis (Maryland)
Mr. Supranational USA Nicholas Kotselas Nate Crnkovich (Nebraska)


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