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Vivo V17 Pro dual front camera redefines taking selfies with exclusive apps

The Vivo V17 Pro has two front cameras, namely the 32MP main camera with f/2.0 aperture and the 8MP 105-degree super-wide-angle camera. This makes it ideal for those who take selfies more than once a day.

Taking selfies used to be as basic as capturing one’s close-up image, often to highlight an appearance or a spectacular scenery in the background. While selfie shooters yearned to capture more elements in their frames, they were limited mostly by the technology of the front-facing cameras at that time.

In recent years, advancements in optics technology and software development have given birth to front-facing cameras that offer better resolution and image quality, as well as AI-enhanced photography apps. These, in turn, have transformed selfie shooting, from a mere trend, to a skill, even an artform.

Today, companies like Vivo are taking the lead in pioneering technology that enhances the smartphone experience. This includes taking selfie shooting to new and higher levels.

Just a few months after unveiling its V15 Pro with the world’s first 32MP elevating selfie camera and an AI triple rear camera, the leading global technology company has already launched V17 Pro, the second flagship smartphone in its V series of midrange smartphones. Now, improving from its predecessor, the V17 Pro boasts of another world’s first, an exclusive pair of front cameras that which ensures clearer and fuller selfies in whatever environment.

Much like the V15’s selfie optics, the V17 Pro’s dual front cameras are tucked behind the smartphone’s notch-less Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display, nestled in a wide pop-up mechanism that elevates as quickly as it retracts. With the premium smartphone’s dual elevating selfie camera, users will never need selfie sticks to capture group selfies or the splendid panoramic view behind them and all they have to do is access the super-wide-angle camera and shoot beyond limits.

For nighttime selfies, the front camera gets ample support from Selfie Softlight that lights up dark images and an exclusive Super Night Selfie mode which captures and combines multiple frames into one image to make one’s face stand out, especially in low-light conditions. There is also a Pose Master feature which suggest several poses to match various photo scenes and backgrounds to make selfies even more creative.

Aside from its elevating dual selfie camera and AI powered and enhanced selfie apps, the V17 Pro also boasts of AI quad rear cameras. Its 48MP main camera, 8MP super wide-angle, 2MP bokeh and 2MP super macro camera can capture super macro images from a distance of just 4 cm. and super wide clear images even in dark surroundings.

Meanwhile, here is a Vivo V17 Pro review:

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