Sony Music Philippines releases the vowels they orbit’s ‘Kiliti’ after ‘Selos’

Gene Santiago, Patch Javier, Nikka Melchor, Hannah Dela Cruz, Jeremy Sayas

Gene Santiago, Patch Javier, Nikka Melchor, Hannah Dela Cruz, Jeremy Sayas

the vowels they orbit is back with with a brand new single under Sony Music Philippines titled “Kiliti.” This after the band’s debut single titled “Selos” reached the number one spot in one of the most prominent FM radio charts in the Philippines and peaked at number two on Spotify Philippines Viral 50.

An easy listening number that showcases the band’s more relaxed and technically adept side, “Kiliti” is a song about finding the perfect someone in an imperfect situation. It talks about a kind of love that is capable of surmounting the greatest odds under any circumstances.

“The song was written by Nikka back in college a few years ago with just her guitar,” Soupstar Entertainment’s head honcho and the vowels they orbit manager Darwin Hernandez said. “The full band arrangements were done by all the members and was produced by Rye Sarmiento, who is also the guitarist of 6cyclemind and Banda Ni Kleggy.”


Deceptively simple sound

the vowels they orbit is certainly at peace with their deceptively simple but lush sound. The band takes pride with their collaborative effort in recording a worthy follow-up to their hit single.

“At first, we can’t help but feel a bit nervous about the release of ‘Kiliti’ given the success of ‘Selos’ but going back and remembering how ‘Kiliti’ is such a different song makes us feel excited, rather than pressured,” the vowels they orbit bassist Patch Javier said. “What’s important to us is that people get to listen to the song.”

For the vowels they orbit vocalist and guitarist Nikka Melchor, it is always also a great feeling when “listeners interpret the song in their own ways and find a connection to the song somehow.” She said, “Knowing that we love this song and that we put a lot of work into it is enough to not feel worried.”

What’s next for the vowels they orbit

Now signed to Sony Music Philippines, the vowels they orbit is set to release an extended play soon. With Melchor as the vocalist and Javier as the bassist, the band is composed of drummer Jeremy Sayas, keyboardist Hannah Dela Cruz and guitarist Gene Santiago.

Soupstar Entertainment manages the vowels they orbit. The company takes pride of its star-studded roster such as Sandwich, Pedicab, Moonstar88, 6cyclemind, Gracenote and Imago, among others.

“Kiliti” is now available on streaming and download platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes store and Deezer. Meanwhile, here are Santiago, Javier, Melchor, Dela Cruz and Sayas performing “Selos” live:

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