BRAVE Combat Federation

‘BRAVE CF 29’ weigh-ins: Hamza Kooheji vs Nahuel Gandolfi, KHK World Championship in Isa Town, Bahrain

Hamza Kooheji, Nahuel Gandolfi (©Brave Combat Federation)

Hamza Kooheji, Nahuel Gandolfi (©Brave Combat Federation)

Hosted by Carlos Kremer, the “BRAVE CF 29” weigh-ins took place in Isa Town, Bahrain on November 14, 2019. The fight card is full of intriguing match-ups as some of the best fighters in the world will face off in the biggest Asia event of the year.

Brave Combat Federation will hold the “BRAVE CF 29” fight night at the Khalifa Sports City Arena in Isa Town on November 15, 2019. Originally, Jose “Shorty” Torres, 26, of Chicago, Illinois, United States and Marcel Adur, 27, of Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina, Brazil were set to compete for the inaugural Brave CF Flyweight World Championship title but the bout was cancelled.

In the new co-main event,  Hamza “The Pride of Bahrain” Kooheji, 26, of Bahrain and Nahuel “El Roble” Gandolfi, 29, of Argentina went head to head, literally, as both men clenched their fists and touched their foreheads. If it was not for the timely intervention of BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid, their bout could have started early.

The same situation occurred a few more times throughout the ceremonial weigh-ins. Ilia Topuria, 22, of Georgia and Spain and Steven “Guts” Gonçalves, 30, of South Africa traded insults during their face-off, and their respective coaches had to hold them back.

Before that, Hussain “Iron” Ayyad, 25, of Bahrain also had a tense staredown with Matis Zaharovs of Latvia. The two men exchanged some word before being separated by Shahid.

“BRAVE CF 29” will be headlined by the final of the KHK World Championship, a one-night, four-men, open weight tournament that will gift the winner a US$100,000 check plus the right to become the provisional holder of the KHK belt, the most prestigious prize in sports, adorned with 6,2 kg of gold. All four men came in the heavyweight limit with weights varying from 96.5 kg to 115 kg.

The semifinals are set with Carlos Augusto “Guto” Inocente Filho, 33, Brazil taking on Azamat “The Professional” Murzakanov, 30, Russia while Kleber “Orgulho” Raimundo Silva, 31, of Brazil faces off against Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine, 35, Lebanon. Here are the official “BRAVE CF 29” weigh-in results:

Bantamweight: Hamza Kooheji (61.6 kg) vs Nahuel Gandolfi (60.9 kg)
Featherweight: Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady (66.1 kg) vs Dumar Roa (66.2 kg)
Super Lightweight: Luan Santiago (75kg) vs Gadzhimusa Gaziev (75.1 kg)
Lightweight: Felipe Silva (70.7 kg) vs Guram Kutateladze (70.2 kg)
Strawweight: Luana Pinheiro (52.3 kg) vs Helen Harper (52.5 kg)
Flyweight: Hussain Ayyad (57kg) vs Matis Zaharovs (56.9 kg)
Featherweight: Ilia Topuria (66.1 kg) vs Steven Gonçalves (66.2 kg)
Flyweight: Amir Albazi (57.1 kg) vs Ryan Curtis (56.9 kg)
Bantamweight: Ali Qaisi (61.4 kg) vs Jeremy Pacatiw (61.6 kg)
Bantamweight: Kasum Kasumov (61.6 kg) vs Rany Saadeh (61.2 kg)
Catchweight (68kg): Tae Hyun Kim (67,5 kg) vs Erick “Indio Brabo” (68 kg)
Openweight (KHK World Championship): Guto Inocente (115kg) vs Azamat Murzakanov (104.2kg)
Openweight (KHK World Championship): Kleber Orgulho (100.6kg) vs Mohammad Fakhreddine (96.5kg)

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