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Cannabinoids to pherines: Modern medication transforming anxiety treatments

medical marijuana (©Sharon McCutcheon)

medical marijuana (©Sharon McCutcheon)

Medical research has improved in leaps and bounds with the help of new technologies and discoveries. Anxiety disorders are among the conditions modern treatments have been able to tackle more and more effectively. Even alternative methods are earning credibility as patients with difficult, even debilitating, conditions show positive responses. Here are the latest forms of medication gradually joining the anxiolytic market.


The full effects of cannabinoids are still being researched. Among the different strains, however, CBD has proven itself the most reliable in controlled doses. The idea of administering marijuana for anxiety has played a lead role in a number of studies. For example, two groups of participants took part in a test involving public speaking. One group was given placebos and the other 600mg of CBD. The stress levels of the second group were found to be better (lower) than the first.

According to studies, cannabis-based products can treat much more than anxiety, including pain, inflammation and seizures. They are already being prescribed by qualified physicians and seeing favorable results. Research is still in its infancy, however, and will take time to produce more solid data as to the benefits of cannabinoids, which is sure to boost the products’ availability and market value.


This substance is being developed for anxiety medication by Avineuro Pharmaceuticals and is meant to modulate serotonin levels. Every change in mood you experience can be caused by serotonin, an important molecule present from the brain to the intestines. Too much or too little of it has different effects on the brain, which in turn influences emotional responses.

What AVN-101 medication does is target the 5-HT1A receptor, one of several structures that process serotonin. This specific receptor is of interest to researchers because of its link to stress-induced behaviors. Currently entering Phase II of clinical development, Avineuro’s product is expected to come in oral form and be used in the treatment of anxiety disorders but also cognitive dysfunctions, like memory loss.


Also referred to as PH94B, Aloradine is a synthetic pheromone designed to combat social anxiety disorders. Pherin Pharmaceuticals has carried its nasal spray formula into Phase III clinical trials and seems confident in the efficiency of their medication. This type of application should deliver a dose of its anxiolytic substance straight into your nasal receptors for an instant emotional boost.

While considered a temporary solution as opposed to other medication, a nasal spray allows synthetic pheromones – or pherines – quick access to cognitive and chemosensory systems that control mood changes. This product’s benefit is not just acute relief from social distress. Just the comfort of knowing that the cure to your next panic attack can be no further than your pocket is an attractive incentive.

The market is constantly flooded with anxiety medication of every kind and application. The best way to face this situation – stressful in itself – is to read up on research and trials, whether completed or ongoing. Know your symptoms and what is needed to treat them. Then, make informed decisions alongside a medical expert as to what solutions to rely on.

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