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How PC game launchers are focusing on different user demands

PC Gamer (© Sean Do)

PC Gamer (© Sean Do)

In this article, we’re going to look at three game launchers that focus on matching the different demands of modern-day gamers. Following the rise in digitalization and the growing popularity of PC gaming, there is now far more variety when it comes to game launchers. In recent times, developers have created their own respective game launchers to rival that of Valve’s ever-popular Steam platform. However, following the market’s expansion, numerous modern-day services now allow for a heightened gaming experience in relation to convenience, as there is no longer a need to jump between various launchers.

Communication-Focused Developments

Discord, which was released back in 2005, specializes in audio and text communication, thus making private chat channels easily accessible. For many years, PC gamers have long had to launch their games and talk to their friends through different programs as the availability of intertwining voice chat software was often confusing. But, unlike other purely communication-based programs, such as Skype, with Discord there is no need to start a new call every time you wish to socialize as the service operates through long-standing servers which are re-joinable through the click of a button.

Concerning Discord’s game library, the platform possesses the ability to scan your computer before adding any found games to its own system. When using Discord to launch one of the located titles, the release’s initial launcher will automatically load and start the game. Moreover, following the introduction of the service’s universal library feature, regardless of where the title was purchased, the Discord app can launch any game that’s installed on the PC. Ultimately, there are no doubts that for those who prioritize the social side of gaming, Discord is unquestionably one of the available launchers to explore.

Performance Enhancing

For some gamers, enjoying the most graphically-enhanced gaming experience is far more important than communication. Several platforms that cater to those who demand more from their launcher than just chat features and game loading. For many years, Razer has been at the height of desktop game development, regarding both accessories and optimization. Their Cortex system may not offer the same degree of interface variation as other programs, but it does prime your PC for gaming through cleaning unwanted files, without you having to undergo the whole painful process manually.

In addition to the Razer Cortex, Plarium Play also focuses on giving users a smooth experience through their stress-free game launcher. While you can play Raid on Plarium Play PC gaming platform, which features over 300 champions and epic boss battles in an intense PVP arena, the service also ensures that gamers can play multiple games at the same time. Through their high FPS optimization, the program seeks to stop local devices freezing during gameplay to ensure an uninterrupted experience.

The Choice Makes for a Competitive Market

As demonstrated by the above PC game launchers, while each platform ultimately offers title-launching possibilities, they also focus on providing a more in-depth experience in their own way. Crucially, whether Discord, Plarium Play or Razer Cortex is your launcher of choice, all of your purchased titles will be effortlessly available in one easily-accessible library.

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